Wednesday, 16 January 2013

hair tips

I do dye my hair (to make them lighter), which is not the best thing for them but I also do take care of them. First, good shampoo. I've been addicted for a while to the Pantene Pro-v repairing & protecting. However, since I came here in UK, what could be better than Aussie? The smell is awesome and it does help my hair. - used to be sick of non-working shampoos- 
I do straighten my hair as well (everyday before I cut my hair a few weeks ago) and wash them everyday as well. Some people may say my hair are absolutely hideous with all they support but no. I think washing them everyday is rather clean and essential. To straighten or dye is obviously not. Now how do I keep my hair healthy then? Eat seaweed (japanese ritual which WORKS), eat LOADS of vegetables, putting conditioner everyday and the edges every 3 months. This is it. Not complicated, is it?
Shampoo: Aussie Miracle Shine for dull, tired hair begging to shine. 

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