Tuesday, 26 March 2013

back to paris : shopping

I came back home on Saturday and obviously what I did right away was to go shopping. So on Monday, I went to Chanel to buy those gorgeous ballerinas/flats! I've been waiting for them for such a long time. They haunted me since I first saw them in September so hell yes, I'm really happy!
It really is a good investment, though it they are expensive. Quality shoes are priceless! Look at the details and the material used... And I guess we can always celebrate a first pair of designer shoes ;) 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

back to london - 16.03.13

Amazing new trip in London the past weekend! It was mostly for shopping but who cares? 
1. French breakfast at Costa Caffe 
2. My boyfriend and I at the Westfield Shopping Centre (best one ever) 
3. Italian crepe in Camden Town 
4, 5 and 6. Amazing guilt-free frozen yogurts ! 

Buys of the day: lace dress at Urban Outfitters & quilted jacket at Massimo Dutti

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

how to make the perfect porridge

I don't know if you like porridge but it's one of my favourite to eat as light lunch/dinner or breakfast/lunch. It is tasty, it has a nice texture and it's healthy! Perfect when you don't have time too.

1. Pour one sachet of quaker oats original (or 40g of oats) in a bowl
You can use flavoured one if you want
2. Pour 250ml of semi-skimmed organic (I prefer organic food) milk
3. Put 2,5 minutes in the microwave! 
4. Add toppings: pecan nuts and maple syrup (best), honey, cinnamon etc. 

Easy and delicious! 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

perfect outfit and lunch

Friday's perfect outfit and lunch
Going out with only a blazer is really enjoyable!
Lunch: Venti Ice Latte & Oats and Honey Yogurt 

botanic garden 05.03.13

Sorry for the delay lately. I'm coming back. Here some sunshine and beautiful plants to get rid of the cold and dull winter!

Tropical sunhouse, one of my favourite

All of the photos are on instagram (@miy_u) but I like the effects and the square style rather than the originals so I put them here too. I wish we had more sunny days like this!