Sunday, 19 May 2013

beauty tips : lancôme

Although I like the makeup range from Chanel, I have to admit that I have fallen for this newest Doll Eyes palette from Lancôme. So this is the brand new in palette collection : "Fraîcheur Rosée" Wide Eyes n°D01. 
There are 3 main looks: wide eyes, sophisticated eyes and spectacular eyes but then you have the choice of 4 shades for each looks. 

I really love the pink, soft and natural shade of this palette. Ideal for light skin tones and people who like pearly and spring shades. 

This is a mini tutorial on how to use the palette for different effects. 

However, for wide eyes effect (from the palette I picked) I have found an amazing video teaching you how to widen your eyes perfectly. There is a video for each looks on the Lancôme YouTube channel. 


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