Sunday, 19 May 2013

chanel spring summer 2013 collection

Chanel have made 3 ranges for their Spring/Summer 2013 make up collection and I have definitely fallen in love with it.

1. Avant-Première
In this range, I have fallen in love with their nail polishes which provide amazing shades ideal for spring and summer. My favorite: Starlet n° 575. Some of them are limited and other are added to the permanent collection. 

Here's the two that I own (Starlet n°575 and Paparazzi n°579) and I'm planning on completing the collection with Provocation (no numbers provided, which means that it's limited) and Cinema n°581
Note: these 2 polishes have nice and light discreet shimmers in it

2. Printemps Précieux de Chanel 
This is the collection which everyone is talking about for this season. I don't own any of their polishes but I'd like to acquire Accessoire n°573 and Emprise n°569. Also, the illuminating powder "Poudre Signée" is absolutely gorgeous and limited so I need to buy it soon (already out of stock at Debenhams). 

 What I have from this collection: palette Quadra Eyeshadow n°39 "Rafinnement" (added to the permanent collection) and the lipstick: Rouge Allure Velvet n°43 "La Favorite" as seen in Miss Vogue UK June 2013 issue. 

 The eyeshadow is amazing. Chic and pearly the shades are perfect for daytime and nighttime, everyday and every season wearing. 

 The lipstick is all me: a perfect bright coral for sunny days. I strongly recommend it. 

3. Collection L'Été Papillon 
Azuré n°657 - Bel-Argus n°667 - Lilis n°647

Quadra Eyeshadow "Métamorphose" n°44

I don't own any items from this collection because I'm not sure if they'd best suit my skin tone and eyes color but I have to admit that this collection is splendid. Gorgeous acid and bright colors for summer with astonishing shades of blues and greens. Definitely a huge contrast between the soft spring collection and this flashy summer collection. I could definitely fall for an original mascara, polish or the Stylo Eyeshadow. 

Note: I think this entire collection may be limited edition. At least, it is in the US.

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