Friday, 28 June 2013

oh paris. I love you and your sales days.

 Could you guys have guessed what was in those two wonderful bags? ;)


No more surprise !

Beautiful Chanel sandals/classy flip flops more the upcoming season (if it ever comes). At 30% off, it is obvious I couldn't resist. I love them. Thin and simple but classy at the same time I really find them beautiful. So here it is, my second pair of Chanel shoes!!!! You can't believe how excited I am. 

But obviously, it is not the only thing I got. Although makeup was not in sale I couldn't resist as well. I wanted something different more bright and colorful to pop up my mood. I found it and I love it: Quad Eyeshadow Eclosion #34. The one I used in the previous post for the tutorial. As a lucky girl, I also got some samples! 
What would you choose between Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum and Chance Eau Tendre ? Just a question I can't solve....

Look at these beautiful floral/pinky shades! 
(Quite similar to Lancôme HDE Fraîcheur Rosée though)

the perfect spring/summer 2013 makeup

The sun is yet to come but this does not mean we can't put colors on our faces. Here is my pick-ups (please add Volume de Chanel that I forgot) for a pretty fresh spring/summer makeup. 

1. I never wear liquid foundation and only use powder in winter time. But for a perfect complexion, I use Lancôme Effacerne n°02. This is the perfect concealer I have ever had. Just put some with your fingers under your eyes, around the nose and on the eyelids so your eyeshadow stays longer

2. Start with the eye using this beautiful palette from Chanel I just got: n°34 Eclosion. Just like the previous post, put the shade #1 (top left) throughout your eyelid. Use shade #2 from bottom left on the upper lid, drawing the brow line. Take an eyeliner brush (I use Shu Uemura's 60B) and draw a light line (no water needed as in Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes for a discrete makeup) with shade #3 (bottom right). Finally, with shade #4 (top right) brighten your eyes by putting some on the inner corner of your eyes. 
You can strengthen your look by blending the shade #3 on the outer corner of your eyes. 
I think I need to make a video ;) 

3. Blush Rose Pétale n°99: blend it lightly on the corner of your cheeks.

4. Color your lips with a pop and fresh color that will give you a happier smile! I use La Favorite n°43

5. I like when my nail polish is matching my lipstick. When I put Rouge Coco Orchidée n°17 on my lips, I have Cinéma on my nails. But today for a coral spring/summer look I chose the Starlet nail polish. But La Favorite Rouge Allure Velvet goes well with Distraction or Lilis on the nails. 

6. I finish with a little touch of Benefit Porefessional on the T zone of my face which is now all silky and soft !

Here is the final result ! Luminous and peachy face hehe. Also, notice the mascara: I've tried for the first time mascara Volume de Chanel and it is amazing. It does give volume to the lashes and still separate them one by one with no problem. If I can make a recommendation: Volume de Chanel for voluminous and sumptuous lashes, Inimitable de Chanel for thin, delicate, discretely classy lashes.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

today's outfit & makeup

Wearing my new Massimo Dutti "marinière" style t-shirt & TopShop jeans. As always, never without my Chanel flats for a casual and sale-shopping day! Yes, yes, they started yesterday in Paris and I can't wait to show you guys what I'm about to buy! 
Makeup: Chanel "Rafinnement" Palette (I used the four shades) and Hypnôse Star mascara from Lancôme. Do you see any difference with the Inimitable? 
Easy makeup tutorial
Step 1: use shade #1 and blend through the whole eyelid 
Step 2: use shade #2 and draw the brow line on the outer side of the lid 
Step 3: use shade #3 preferably with a brush (not the sponge) and blend on the outer corner of the eye (it gives more strength to your eyes and a sophisticated look)
Step 4: use shade #4 and apply it on the inner corner of the eye to add some light and brightness
Step 5: put mascara on the upper and inner lashes 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

my top 3 mascara review

1. Hypnôse Star, Lancôme 2. Hypnôse Drama WP, Lancôme 3. Inimitable, Chanel

Hypnôse Drama is THE mascara that I have used for many years and yet not gave up on it. The brush is curled and gives your eye lashes length, volume and details. I usually buy the normal one, not the waterproof but I needed at least one waterproof mascara for sunny days or sad days. If you're looking for a mascara that STAYS for the whole day (and the next even with the make up remover) then, it is the one. 
Then, I tried the Hypnôse Star for an every day mascara (instead of a Hypnôse Drama I was used too) and I loved it. Beautiful voluminous lashes. And yes, you feel like a star ! The only negative point for this one is that after a while the mascara tends to become sticky and you have some "bits" of mascara on your lashes which makes them thicker. It's not dramatic but I have found the solution to the problem with a piece of exception.

And the piece of exception is....... Chanel Inimitable ! This mascara is... incredible. I first tried it by stealing into my mom's cosmetic pouch. As I always bought Lancôme for mascaras, I never really thought of Chanel. But this one is the best one. Thin and voluminous lashes, gorgeous look and it gives strength and length to every single lashes. They are all determined and distinguished one by one. I really love my look with this one.

Here it is. Today's look wearing Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palette (Fraîcheur Rosée), Rouge Allure Velvelt de Chanel (La Favorite n°43) and mascara Inimitable de Chanel. (Sorry for the quality)

This is the new mascara by Chanel : Volume de Chanel. I have had a sample but haven't tried yet but I am eager to. I like the brush. If it does the same effect as the Inimitable with more volume then I could not have asked for more! I'll tell you a little bit more as soon as I try it. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

insta lately & Paris

Latest outfit with my new bag (I had my hair cut on the left photo)
The luxury to have 2 hairdresser for myself...

Dining out in Paris.

The different parts of the bag. BN1874. I'm in love.

My current collection of bags!

The Eiffel Tower from the Triumph Arc.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

the perfect everyday bag !

Finally, finally, finally ! I've been dreaming for this bag for so long I finally got it for my birthday one month later. First I hesitated between a Louis Vuitton Alma and the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote BN2274. The latest has double zips on the side and is more expensive. I thought I was going for that one when I saw the BN1874 (mine) in store. 

No zips on the sides and no push-buttons on the sides as well but it has one zip pocket in the middle which separates the bag in two. I fell for it in store. Everyone has the one with the 2 zips whilst I've never seen someone with the 1874. I liked the fact that the bag had 2 compartments. Otherwise, it was too close to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull in the sense that it was more like a tote/shopping bag. Although this one is "cheaper" it looks more sophisticated I think. Less charged in zip, as much pockets and the bag is separated in 2 so it is more easy to tidy and find your things. I also think it looks younger than the "classic" tote. 

Also, this is the biggest size that has a strap so it is very useful. The Alma in Rose Velours was GORGEOUS really but I chose the Prada (although all my stuff inside my bag are LV) for its practicalness.  

*The bag color is Cameo

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

more from été papillon de chanel

Le Vernis "Lilis" n°647
Stylo Eyeshadow "Pink Lagoon" n°27
Stylo Yeux Waterproof "True Blue"

Looks pretty red on the photo but not some much in real. This nail polish is amazing. It's a deep coral that changes tone throughout the light! It becomes more or less orange/red/pink according the light :) Perfect for summer ! You definitely have to buy it.

Bright and pop shimmery colors for summer. I love this collection, I couldn't resist for the blue and the pink to associate with the 07 "Moon River". I was reluctant at first because I thought it'd be too bright but it's not. It matches perfectly with my clothes and sunny days. It stays classy, chic and not too much at all. All time Chanel style. 

How they look like on my skin. I love the shimmers in them. 
"True Blue" - "Pink Lagoon" - "Moon River"