Wednesday, 12 June 2013

more from été papillon de chanel

Le Vernis "Lilis" n°647
Stylo Eyeshadow "Pink Lagoon" n°27
Stylo Yeux Waterproof "True Blue"

Looks pretty red on the photo but not some much in real. This nail polish is amazing. It's a deep coral that changes tone throughout the light! It becomes more or less orange/red/pink according the light :) Perfect for summer ! You definitely have to buy it.

Bright and pop shimmery colors for summer. I love this collection, I couldn't resist for the blue and the pink to associate with the 07 "Moon River". I was reluctant at first because I thought it'd be too bright but it's not. It matches perfectly with my clothes and sunny days. It stays classy, chic and not too much at all. All time Chanel style. 

How they look like on my skin. I love the shimmers in them. 
"True Blue" - "Pink Lagoon" - "Moon River"

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