Wednesday, 26 June 2013

my top 3 mascara review

1. Hypnôse Star, Lancôme 2. Hypnôse Drama WP, Lancôme 3. Inimitable, Chanel

Hypnôse Drama is THE mascara that I have used for many years and yet not gave up on it. The brush is curled and gives your eye lashes length, volume and details. I usually buy the normal one, not the waterproof but I needed at least one waterproof mascara for sunny days or sad days. If you're looking for a mascara that STAYS for the whole day (and the next even with the make up remover) then, it is the one. 
Then, I tried the Hypnôse Star for an every day mascara (instead of a Hypnôse Drama I was used too) and I loved it. Beautiful voluminous lashes. And yes, you feel like a star ! The only negative point for this one is that after a while the mascara tends to become sticky and you have some "bits" of mascara on your lashes which makes them thicker. It's not dramatic but I have found the solution to the problem with a piece of exception.

And the piece of exception is....... Chanel Inimitable ! This mascara is... incredible. I first tried it by stealing into my mom's cosmetic pouch. As I always bought Lancôme for mascaras, I never really thought of Chanel. But this one is the best one. Thin and voluminous lashes, gorgeous look and it gives strength and length to every single lashes. They are all determined and distinguished one by one. I really love my look with this one.

Here it is. Today's look wearing Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Palette (Fraîcheur Rosée), Rouge Allure Velvelt de Chanel (La Favorite n°43) and mascara Inimitable de Chanel. (Sorry for the quality)

This is the new mascara by Chanel : Volume de Chanel. I have had a sample but haven't tried yet but I am eager to. I like the brush. If it does the same effect as the Inimitable with more volume then I could not have asked for more! I'll tell you a little bit more as soon as I try it. 

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