Friday, 28 June 2013

oh paris. I love you and your sales days.

 Could you guys have guessed what was in those two wonderful bags? ;)


No more surprise !

Beautiful Chanel sandals/classy flip flops more the upcoming season (if it ever comes). At 30% off, it is obvious I couldn't resist. I love them. Thin and simple but classy at the same time I really find them beautiful. So here it is, my second pair of Chanel shoes!!!! You can't believe how excited I am. 

But obviously, it is not the only thing I got. Although makeup was not in sale I couldn't resist as well. I wanted something different more bright and colorful to pop up my mood. I found it and I love it: Quad Eyeshadow Eclosion #34. The one I used in the previous post for the tutorial. As a lucky girl, I also got some samples! 
What would you choose between Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum and Chance Eau Tendre ? Just a question I can't solve....

Look at these beautiful floral/pinky shades! 
(Quite similar to Lancôme HDE Fraîcheur Rosée though)

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