Wednesday, 31 July 2013

a peachy summer with dior

Dior released their summer collection of limited edition nail polishes including Sunnies, Capeline, Créole and Tie & Dye. I chose 2 of them because I really liked the color and the peachy tones that are perfect for any summer days. They released this collection with blushes named the same way and in the same tones, as well as a limited edition perfume called Eau Délice. The bottle is a coral orange and the smell is a mixture of cranberries, Ylang Ylang flowers and musks. The colours in this collection are creamy and has no shimmer in it. Capeline is a punchy strong pink, close to red whilst Sunnies is a creamy coral, close to orange and Chanel's Lilis

I also bought a few left of the spring limited edition: Diablotine (I have already made a review below) and Spring Ball, that I was looking for everywhere and I finally found it! Those 2 were released with DélicePrincess and Dior Addict glosses, named the same way with the same tones. Unlike the summer look, these colours have strong shimmers in it to enlighten your days even more! Although it was made for spring, I still like to wear this king of shades for summer too. 

Although Dior released Eau Délice perfume for summer, I can't quit my Miss Dior Eau de Toilette (still planning on switching to Eau de Parfum though) and there is NO Dior summer without it!

Although I'm not talking Chanel, I wanted to take advantage of this nail polish post to show you guys my Chanel nail polish collection. On the top are my favourite spring/summer shades and at the bottom my favorite fall/winter shades. Despite the fact that I am a huge Chanel fan, I have to admit, as I've already said that I'm falling in love with Dior colours too, especially their shimmery colours and because Dior's brush is amazing and applying a nail polish became easier than it ever was!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

macaron addiction

Raspberry macaron will always be my favourite. So tasty and chewy!

I was in Paris yesterday and I couldn't resist to buy a box of macarons from Ladurée. I know it's bad before flying to L.A (now you finally know my summer destination) but I really had to so I bought only a few (eight exactly). 
Then I opened back one of my Ladurée book about their pastries and sweets "Sucré" and found this recipe. Raspberry tart is my favorite but this one has a passion fruit base so I definitely have to try it as I'm a baking lover! If you want the recipe, just ask me :) 

PS: I have some new things to show you. Perfect summer nails and tomorrow I'm heading to Paris again for the last time before I leave and it's for a good reason... Can you guess?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

new classy dress from sandro

I got this dress a few days ago from Sandro in sales. It's a classy one and very classic in white and black but what I love is the bow on the back that gives the originality and specificity of the dress. I like it for day time and nights out alike with my Chanel pendant and flats. Flats for days and heels for nights ;) 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

blue note mascara for summer 2013

I couldn't spend the summer without trying one of the colored Chanel mascaras from Été Papillon. The one I found the most attractive and best suited for brown eyes was Blue Note #57. It is a deep midnight blue that intensify the darkest side of my eyes. It is even better under the sun light. The blue is flashy and deep at the same time, I'm really in love with the color! I found the other (especially Lime Light & Aqua Blue) beautiful but too light for my eyes. They're really nice shades though and limited so go buy them if you want! I got this last one from Sephora.
Next video on Chanel Été Papillon pick-ups! 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

dior spring 2013 vernis : be iconic

This is the first time I try a Dior vernis because I was always attracted by Chanel but I have to say I am not disappointed at all. I saw this color and the others (especially Spring Ball and Délice) in a campaign and I couldn't resist so here it is my first ever Dior vernis (Diablotine #643) trial. The brush is amazing. Although Chanel have better shades overall, Dior beats Chanel for its brush. Another good point is the shimmer. I like glitters and shimmery tones for spring/summer and those in Dior nail polishes are really delicate but strong enough at the same time so you can see them and your nails have a slight metallic effect. 
I'm planning on buying Spring Ball. This collection is limited so be careful and go ahead! We're already late as they were made for Spring. You'll probably have more Dior review in the next few months! 

Friday, 19 July 2013

hair care by john frieda

I like the range of John Frieda's products. It's summer time so I want to lighten my hair. I've hesitated before using the go blonder because I was afraid it was going to damage my hair. It didn't and the result was awesome and even better than when I dyed my hair. It goes light and blonder. Although not recommended for browned hair people, I do recommend this magic product ! 
And because I take care of my hair I use the full repair in addition to my shampoo and conditioner. Both product have to be used when your hair are humid (after my shower) and also on dry hair. Miraculous results. 
As you can see my hair have some blondish parts although I'm naturally dark brown. They are also not damaged because of the care. John Fried shampoos and conditioner are nice but I do love the Pantene range. I strongly recommend Pantene for people who do not want to spend £6/8€ on a shampoo and a conditioner.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

casual summer outfit

It's summer so not worth being stressed for! I mix easy-to-wear clothes so that my body can breathe! Simple tee, shorts and a pair of classy sandals and everything is perfect :)
T-shirt, Zara - Shorts, Abercrombie&Fitch - Sandals, Chanel - Bag, Louis Vuitton

changing the model of the perfect everyday bag

I first bought the BN1874 as I mentioned to you all. I got disappointed because 2 weeks after I bought it, the leather went away and I had to exchange it. Then I got anxious because the leather was not straight. So I came back to my first decision and exchange it (I hope for the last time) my bag for the BN2274. The model is more expensive but the quality is unique. Now I'm in love with it and you can't compare. The leather is perfectly straight. 
If I had to make a criticism however, it would be that I would never probably buy a Prada thing again. I got disappointed by the service compared to Louis Vuitton and also from the quality. I never thought a 1200€ bag would cost me so much problems. But I won't lie, I'm happy with THIS model. I've dreamt of it. But yes, if you are looking for a lifetime quality bag go for a LV. My bags survived anything and they're still perfect and the people are also more kind to customers in terms of commercial honesty.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

treating myself in paris

 Acquiring some new Chanel makeup and planning on buying a new perfume too.

 FINALLY. Volume de Chanel in my hands.

And some fall-ish nail polish.
Burgundy and dark red are my favorite in fall/winter.

 Self-treat of 8 macarons from Ladurée.

The box is almost empty ;) It's really bad but they are the best macarons ever.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

insta lately

 Having a break at Angelina's with my boyfriend

 Jardin des Tuileries

 Laying on the grass with my brand new bag & shoes

 Details, Tiffany's bracelet and Rolex watch (Lady Date Just)

 Passing by Chanel on Avenue Montaigne

Planning my Swedish trip to Stockholm with my boyfriend :)

Friday, 12 July 2013

lancôme show by albert elbaz & cleaning my tiffany's

As a Chanel make up lover, I hesitated for this one but because Hypnôse Doll Eyes palette IS amazing, I couldn't resist for their limited edition by Albert Elbaz for Lancôme Show (Mon Smoky) and give you a review on it. I'm in love with this palette: it has every needed brush and the steps are clearer than ever.

Apply the shadows in order as mentioned in my first Lancôme review. 
Step #1: use the left sided grey as a base with the sponge brush
Step #2: draw your brow line with the pink (right) using the flat brush
Step #3: use the side of the flat brush and draw a line with the black (top) just like you would apply and eyeliner; wet the brush for deeper effect
Step #4: blend the corner of your eyelid with the second color in the middle (shimmery black) using the brush on the bottom 
Step #5: highlight the corner of your eyes with the light grey (bottom middle) using the sponge again

Finally, some tips on how to clean your silver jewels. Because I'm a Tiffany fan and I take care of my stuff, I often wash them with cold water to make them shine, especially in summer time when they tend to become sticky. But, some time to time, they need to be cleaned. I use a wet napkin especially made for silver and metals and I clean all of them with it. Then, I wash them with cold water and make them dry. You can buy the product to clean your SILVER stuff in any supermarket ! Super easy and super essential :)