Wednesday, 31 July 2013

a peachy summer with dior

Dior released their summer collection of limited edition nail polishes including Sunnies, Capeline, Créole and Tie & Dye. I chose 2 of them because I really liked the color and the peachy tones that are perfect for any summer days. They released this collection with blushes named the same way and in the same tones, as well as a limited edition perfume called Eau Délice. The bottle is a coral orange and the smell is a mixture of cranberries, Ylang Ylang flowers and musks. The colours in this collection are creamy and has no shimmer in it. Capeline is a punchy strong pink, close to red whilst Sunnies is a creamy coral, close to orange and Chanel's Lilis

I also bought a few left of the spring limited edition: Diablotine (I have already made a review below) and Spring Ball, that I was looking for everywhere and I finally found it! Those 2 were released with DélicePrincess and Dior Addict glosses, named the same way with the same tones. Unlike the summer look, these colours have strong shimmers in it to enlighten your days even more! Although it was made for spring, I still like to wear this king of shades for summer too. 

Although Dior released Eau Délice perfume for summer, I can't quit my Miss Dior Eau de Toilette (still planning on switching to Eau de Parfum though) and there is NO Dior summer without it!

Although I'm not talking Chanel, I wanted to take advantage of this nail polish post to show you guys my Chanel nail polish collection. On the top are my favourite spring/summer shades and at the bottom my favorite fall/winter shades. Despite the fact that I am a huge Chanel fan, I have to admit, as I've already said that I'm falling in love with Dior colours too, especially their shimmery colours and because Dior's brush is amazing and applying a nail polish became easier than it ever was!

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