Sunday, 21 July 2013

dior spring 2013 vernis : be iconic

This is the first time I try a Dior vernis because I was always attracted by Chanel but I have to say I am not disappointed at all. I saw this color and the others (especially Spring Ball and Délice) in a campaign and I couldn't resist so here it is my first ever Dior vernis (Diablotine #643) trial. The brush is amazing. Although Chanel have better shades overall, Dior beats Chanel for its brush. Another good point is the shimmer. I like glitters and shimmery tones for spring/summer and those in Dior nail polishes are really delicate but strong enough at the same time so you can see them and your nails have a slight metallic effect. 
I'm planning on buying Spring Ball. This collection is limited so be careful and go ahead! We're already late as they were made for Spring. You'll probably have more Dior review in the next few months! 

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