Friday, 19 July 2013

hair care by john frieda

I like the range of John Frieda's products. It's summer time so I want to lighten my hair. I've hesitated before using the go blonder because I was afraid it was going to damage my hair. It didn't and the result was awesome and even better than when I dyed my hair. It goes light and blonder. Although not recommended for browned hair people, I do recommend this magic product ! 
And because I take care of my hair I use the full repair in addition to my shampoo and conditioner. Both product have to be used when your hair are humid (after my shower) and also on dry hair. Miraculous results. 
As you can see my hair have some blondish parts although I'm naturally dark brown. They are also not damaged because of the care. John Fried shampoos and conditioner are nice but I do love the Pantene range. I strongly recommend Pantene for people who do not want to spend £6/8€ on a shampoo and a conditioner.

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