Wednesday, 28 August 2013

chanel fall 2013 moiré collection & dior travel palette

For the brand new Moiré collection, Chanel released 2 nail polishes. A metallic red (Rouge Moiré #595) and a metallic rose that I tried above: Rose Moiré #593. I was reluctant first because metallic colors tend to be transparent a little bit but hese are not. They are shiny, metallic and mat enough so that you don't see your nails. I always put 2 layers but really, I love the rendering. Next time I'll try the red!

Note: Chanel released another fall collection earlier called Superstition for fall 2013 and it has another metallic color (a kaki called Alchimie #591) among with a creamy pink (Elixir #589) and creamy taupe (Mysterious #601). This collection is based on kaki and brown tones, more fall alike. There is also a 4 shadow palette (Mystère #43) that was released. 

They also released 2 lip glosses that are the same colors as the nail polishes but also a bunch of Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks called Rouge Allure Moiré. They go from coral, orange to red and I fell in love with this one: Audacieuse #134. It looks like a strong red but it's not that much on the lips. It's pretty close to my Rouge Coco Orchidée #17. Just like the nail polishes, this collection is "metallic" so they kept the concept and the lipstick has some sort of metallic shimmers in it. 

Finally, as I travel a lot and because airport goodies are amazing, I fell in love with this dior travel couture palette. It's made like a wallet and inside you've got everything! Eyeshadow for day time (prêt-à-porter), night time (couture), associated lipgloss, mascara, unifier and 2 brushes. Amazing, compact and beautiful.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

insta & iPhone summer 2013 overview

 Where I stayed for 2 weeks - a pretty nice house with a pool in West Hollywood.
 Eating tacos & guacamole in Santa Monica with my father. Yummy!
 Nice yogurt at Venice Beach, with my father
 Hollywood Blvd.
 Knits addiction, mornings are pretty cold in L.A. 
 Best burgers in L.A. at 26 Beach.
 Morning smoothie at Nekter Juice Bar.
Universal Studios
A night out outfit to a Steak House in Beverly Hills.
Pretty hot day in Las Vegas.
Chilling at the Bellagio's pool with a strawberry banana smoothie.
Headed to Blue Ribbon, best sushis on the West Coast with a new dress from Francesca's.
Fountains show view from the room.
Botanical garden & Chanel art at the Bellagio.
Best sushis I have eaten in America so far : Blue Ribbon, Las Vegas.
Big change of temperature!
Union Square, San Francisco.
Chilling at the Fours Seasons with a drink.

Monday, 26 August 2013

los angeles, grand canyon, las vegas & san francisco

I apologize for not being over present these past few days. I just came back from my awesome trip to the US West Coast. I thought only shopping post would be boring so this article is meant to be a little overview and recap of what I did and visited during the past 3 weeks. 


Hollywood sign by the sunset from Griffith Park Observatory. Amazing landscape and memories. You have the view on the whole city! 

El Matador Beach, Malibu. That day was not highly sunny but yet a place of little paradise.

On Hollywood Blvd (Highland Shopping Center) with my new Urban Outfitters dress. We looked for starts on that day :)



Bellagio Hotel Pool

Paris Hotel

New York New York - right in front of Coca Cola Land & M&M's World.

On a Gondola at the Venetian Hotel.


 Walking from the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.

Cutest sea lions on Pier 39.