Wednesday, 28 August 2013

chanel fall 2013 moiré collection & dior travel palette

For the brand new Moiré collection, Chanel released 2 nail polishes. A metallic red (Rouge Moiré #595) and a metallic rose that I tried above: Rose Moiré #593. I was reluctant first because metallic colors tend to be transparent a little bit but hese are not. They are shiny, metallic and mat enough so that you don't see your nails. I always put 2 layers but really, I love the rendering. Next time I'll try the red!

Note: Chanel released another fall collection earlier called Superstition for fall 2013 and it has another metallic color (a kaki called Alchimie #591) among with a creamy pink (Elixir #589) and creamy taupe (Mysterious #601). This collection is based on kaki and brown tones, more fall alike. There is also a 4 shadow palette (Mystère #43) that was released. 

They also released 2 lip glosses that are the same colors as the nail polishes but also a bunch of Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks called Rouge Allure Moiré. They go from coral, orange to red and I fell in love with this one: Audacieuse #134. It looks like a strong red but it's not that much on the lips. It's pretty close to my Rouge Coco Orchidée #17. Just like the nail polishes, this collection is "metallic" so they kept the concept and the lipstick has some sort of metallic shimmers in it. 

Finally, as I travel a lot and because airport goodies are amazing, I fell in love with this dior travel couture palette. It's made like a wallet and inside you've got everything! Eyeshadow for day time (prêt-à-porter), night time (couture), associated lipgloss, mascara, unifier and 2 brushes. Amazing, compact and beautiful.

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