Saturday, 19 October 2013

fall beauty

Here are some of my last pick ups for fall. Always in dark red/pink tones. 

Rouge Coco Shine "Monte Carlo" - I never really was sure to use gloss or not and preferred lipsticks but this one is different. It doesn't stick like jam, it's delicate and shiny and besides, it hydrates your lips so it acts like a lip balm ! Go for it. 

 It is slightly red but I find it discreet without being inexistent and elegant.

 My favorite nail polish of the moment (the one in accordance with my Prada pouch and much more) Chanel's "Elixir" #589.  It is new for their fall collection (not the Moiré line) with the deep Khaki one and I love it. I actually seen it this summer in SF but didn't really get the chance to buy it so here it is. Plus, it goes perfectly with the lipgloss (and everything else you will wear for this season)!

Just to end this post with ultimate beauty: roses from my boyfriend. They brighten my new flat and the colors are so deep it really brings some sunshine into the house. Flowers are also a part of beauty: always flourish your room! 

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