Friday, 18 October 2013

falling for fall

It's been quite a lot since my last post and lots of things happened. Basically, fall season is all in and I love it (except when it rains). Pulling on my sweaters and scarves etc. What a feeling! Let me share with you some of my favorite clothes and accessories for fall!
Stay tuned: next posts soon on fall beauty & instagram latest posts :)

2 of my favorite sweaters (Madewell & Burberry), my all time sake Chanel flats, Chanel nail polish in taupe and burgundy tones and obviously... Flowerbomb! The perfume is quite sweet and a little "heavy" so I tend to use it in fall/winter. Eau Tendre and Miss Dior are safely stored ;) 

Fall absolute essentials: boots (Aldo) & scarves (Burberry & Acne) according to my favorite color for this season: taupe and burgundy. 

One of my little pleasure during my last London trip (those on instagram must have seen it)... I guess we all need a pair of sunglasses for cold months' sunshines, don't we?

 All time wanted Miu Miu classic turtle shell glasses, I'm in love!

And finally, a glance at my favorite accessories to bring along with me and in my bag throughout this fall 2013. I really love this dark pink Chanel made which quite well associated with my Prada pouch! 

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