Wednesday, 27 November 2013

sparkling sparkles

Here it is, a new make up post. Why? Because it's almost December and therefore almost Christmas. I love sparkles, I love light and I love gold moods this season offers to us. So basically, I did not resist to sparkling make up. I told you I would probably fall for the Dior Golden Flower #634; well I did. But not only did I fall far the palette, I fell for the perfect nail top coat...

As you can see, and as I mentionned in my video, the tones are cuivre and bronze-ish. It applies perfectly on the skin and all 5 colours HAVE shimmer in it. If you like neutral colours, don't buy this one. It's all shimmery and that's what I like. However, I prefer this one compared to the Golden Snow #644 because you can wear it daily and probably in April too. So here it is - I hope - my final haul on Dior Holiday 2013!  

Now for the top coat, as you can see it is Essie "As Gold As It Gets" from their LuxEffect collection  for this years' Holiday (different shimmery top coat collection; you have blue, pink, silver etc). I know it sounds yellow-ish and I had hard time deciding between this one and the silver one but I trusted Essie and it does not look yellow on the nails at all. In fact, it does look golden as you can see over my nail polish. It is delicate and sober, not "too much" golden. I really love this top coat, it stays longer and my nails have little sparkles. It is pretty and it makes me happy. I love Christmas overall! With this top coat, your nail will feel like a delicate little Christmas ornament :)

For the comfort part, my all time favourite skinny Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. Coffee and blogging is just the best! Have a nice day!

Monday, 25 November 2013

christmas fairies

So finally, the Christmas mood is here. Christmas lights, decorations, fair isles sweaters and Christmas market. This week end I've been to Nottingham's, where my boyfriend is studying and it was pretty cute. I really love Christmas and all its feelings it's just sparkly, glittery, delicious and above all magic. Christmas food, drinks, clothes, decorations, lights, make up... I love everything about this period of the year. Here are some photographs of the Nottingham Christmas market and what we did in general. I can't wait to go to London in a couple of weeks and see its magic again! 

PS: it will be even more special when I go back to Paris so I can't wait to share with you guys this fairy thourghout two metropolitan and international capital cities. 

Hearted treats 

Red wine mixed up with spices and oranges. What can be better for this season?

Smoked salmon, avocado and salad bagel at Bagel Nash, best bagels restaurant in the UK. I'm just totally in love with bagels. We also ate a Nutella French crêpe which is as perfect for cold days. 

Outfit of the day. I litterally wear my UGGs all the time lately. The weather is so cold I'm freezing every day. So it's basically jegging, big socks, UGGs, sweater, big jacket and cashmere scarf :) I like winter but I really feel like a couch potato sometimes!

Scarf - Burberry; Jegging - Topshop; Jacket - Massimo Dutti; Boots - UGG Australia; Bag - Prada

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

golden winter part 2: golden snow eyes

As you all know from a couple of posts ago, I really wished to have the Dior Golden Snow #644 palette. First, I couldn't choose between this one and this other, Golden Flowers but I finally decided to take Golden Snow as it is different from what I have overall (I am still willing to try/buy Golden Flowers hehe). So here it is, a little review and some nice pictures I enjoyed to take! 

 I think I'm ready to enjoy Dior's holiday 2013!!

So here are the 4 shades on my skin. There is a light metallic pink and a darker one. Those are paired with either gold or white shimmers. Finally, you have the all time classic plain black to shade over the corners and add a smoky effect. I like to use the 5 colours together but if shimmers are too much for day time I either don't use them or I just use them as a highlighter. You can either "smoken" your eyes with the black for a deep effect or simply the darker pink; although all three (light pink, dark pink, black) are perfectly combined together. You can then pop down some shimmers on  the outside corner (gold) and inner corner (white) of your eyes. For a total gold day: just over shade your whole eye with the gold colours :) You could still use the white as a base, though. Anyway, make up is really as you wish and feel. The combination of Dior's 5 Colours Palette is infinite. 

Also, I haven't mentionned but here is my little collection of Dior's fragrances, Miss Dior. I had this small sample of Miss Dior (which is normally sold with christmas gift box) from a very kind staff. I really love miniatures and this one is just perfect: cute, beautiful and classy at the same time. I really like  this perfume and next time I'll buy the Eau de Parfum instead of Eau de Toilette for a longer stay. Besides, it's good for all seasons I believe. (My favourite perfume for F/W is Viktor and Rolf, Flowerbomb).  

Sunday, 17 November 2013

mazette !

I am in a good mood and guess why? I am blogging and it's all colourful! I don't know if you're aware of that but Dior revisited their "Rouge Dior" Couture lipstick. An icon of the House, certainly but redesigned and reinterpreted with new colours and an absolutely perfect portrait for the campaign: Natalie Portman. Those lipsticks are NOT matte or velvet. They are Rouge and "hydrating". The texture is smooth and that's also why the colours are probably so "pop". 
PLUS, I love the packaging it's just so... Couture
Colours are genuinely BRIGHT. Even if they released the new collection not too long ago you can see in the photo above that it is brighty and lighty (kind of). So here are the new 32 (yes they released 32 shades!!!) Rouge Dior colors released and I have picked up probably the brightest: Mazette #028 (£26). 
It is a bright pink, as you can see on the screen shot from Dior's website. In my photo below it looks more reddish but in reality, it is more pinkish and similar to the website's colour (I would say a strong coral/salmon shade). I really love it. Some would say that it is not seasonal and I would disagree. Why not put on some bright pink glamorous and womanish colours on your lips when days are grey and clothes are dark? It's the perfect way to brighten your day, although I won't lie, I love matte and darker lipstick for the seasons. But anyway, this one is perfect for anyone and any hair colour. 

Plus, small treat you may all have seen on my instagram (@miy_u) my new lipstick storage: a lace patterned candle glass. I really love glasses for storage of small things. I consider my lipsticks (and most of my make up) as some sort of jewels. They are high end and the packaging is so pretty, I feel that it stands out in a glass like this. (By the way, the glass was really cheap £2 from Wilkinson)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

head over heels

I know I used to be a flat shoes girl, even a sneakers girl. But time changes us and I have to say that I'm falling for high heels recently. I always loved thick heels such as high heeled booties or wedges sandals but never was so much attracted with proper pumps. The black pair is old and both of the nude/brown are new, and I love them. Zara may not be a shoe store specialist but I love their heels. Not their boots or flats but their heels. Of course, I will never compare them to Louboutin or Jimmy Choo because it has nothing to do with such high end shoe brand. But yeah one day, I'll own pairs of Louboutin's and Choo's, for sure!

I love how this colour matches my LV bag. And I believe it's an all season colour. I love brown and you could think it's more of a dull season colour (f/w) but what about those sandals with a nice colourful flower patterned skirt in may? 

Just a little preview of how both of them look on my feet! What do you think?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

secret wish list

Because it's almost and Christmas and because we all love the decoration of our streets, in shop windows, as well as a cup of signature hot chocolate from Starbucks, I decided to share with you guys my secret wish list! Most of the items below are not especially affordable but they have been crossing my mind for a while and I just wish I had those ;) 

1. Louis Vuitton Alma BB - I've been wanting this bag for quite long now. I was hesitating before I bought my Prada between the classic Alma PM or the smaller version: Alma BB. I wanted it in beige but now I just figured out I need darker bags and if I were to purchase either of those (PM or BB) I would choose it in  Rouge Fauviste (or Pomme D'Amour?). Anyway, I am focusing on the vernis leather (although I love the Fuschia in épi). Could this be my next big shopping accessory? Maybe. 
Price: around 900€ for épi leather BB and 1050€ for the vernis leather. PM in vernis leather is 1 360€. 

2. Unaffordable but yet one of my dreams. This bag, the Chanel classic flap bag 2.55 (matelassé) is, I believe, every women's dream (at least if they have an interest in fashion). It's classic, it's sober, it's black, it's Chanel. The only problem remains its price... 
Price: from 2 500€ to 3000€ for the medium size.

3. YSL Lulu Bag in Terre colour. Very nice one and the price is more attractive than Chanel. I don't know if you've realised but I've put 3 cross body/clutch bags into this wish list... This means, I REALLY need a compact yet useful bag in my closet. 
Price: 1250€ for the small one, 1550€ for the big one. For that range of prices, I would rather recommend the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, much bigger and maybe more useful for an everyday bag. 

4. Hermes Clic-Clac bracelet in white and gold. I want this one so bag but it is as expensive as a pair f Chanel flats! Choice is hard. 
Price: 485€

5. Here comes the affordable part! I desperately want the Dior Golden Snow palette from their Golden Winter Holiday 2013 collection. It is so beautiful yet classy. I'm probably going to get it in the next few weeks and make you guys a review ;)  
Price: 40£/50€ (check also the other one: Golden Flower)

6. Still in the "cheap" range (also called make up), a lipstick (again) from Dior's new Holiday 2013 collection (again). The name is Joy #043 and I believe it will make me happy. As I said in my previous article, their new lipstick are matte and I love the effect. This one if of lighter colour and wearable every day! 
Price: 27£/30€

7. Changing categories: SHOES. This very simple and sober pair of YSL is just perfect. Simple and black. Perfect with a dress, a skirt or a skinny jeans. They're called Janis with a 80mm heel (also in 100mm). I used to want a pair of Louboutin Pigalle in nude, 80 mm (and I still do) but I really fell for those.
Price: 505£/575€ 

8. Finally, a necklace I once was about to purchase but then I fell for Chanel's sandals and another Tiffany's key pendant... I found it quite small but I still love it. Three delicate mini keys, a timeless classic from Tiffany and Co. in gold, rose gold and silver. In love. 
Price: 485£/510€ 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

a golden winter with dior

Dior has finally released, about 3 days ago their Holiday 2013 make up collection! This winter, Dior drags us into Versailles and its golden world. It's all about gold and it's all about winter! For this christmassy occasion, they revisited the packaging and mixed up dark and light colors: everything is around dark red/purple or white/gold. 

First of all, I have spotted 2 items: a nail polish and a lipstick. As you can see, the packaging is really amazing and I fell in love with it: all the boxes and packages are in gold and round shaped. I don't feel like I've bought make up but rather, jewellery. Their entire collection feels precious

Then, revealing the items I have chosen: Dior Minuit #995 for the nail polish; which is a dark red/purple with gold shimmers in it. And, I have fallen again for a lipstick: Dior Winter #042 which is also a dark/burgundy red that matches perfect the nail polish but also the cold winter that we're about to face. I just feel like dark colors and golden shades brings some warmth through the chilly days we're having and I really enjoy my first items. They just keep me in a good mood ;)

This is supposed to be the entire collection. I truly fell in love with it and I was really excited about it (less excited for Chanel Holiday 2013 "Nuit Infinie") and I'm looking forward to get the 5 colors eyeshadow palette: either Golden Flowers (left one) or Golden Snow (right one). Which one do you prefer? 

Anyway, as you can see, there are other nail polishes and plenty of lipsticks. I forgot to mention that the lipsticks have a matte effect so they're a bit dry and feel like Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet. Other lipsticks that struck me are Joy and Etoile, they are of lighter color but still opaque/matte and perfect for winter and Christmas! For nails, I'll be tempted to try a lighter colors but still snowy: Winter which is the white one with gold shimmers in it (under Minuit in the photo above). 

NOTE: Dior released one of their first caviar manucure (originally by Ciaté) in this collection: a golden nail polish color with white pearls. They are sold together and are definitely to try (or a perfect gift to offer). However, I've tried caviar manucure and I was disappointed that the pearl went away quite fast...

Honestly, I just really love this collection and I could try all of it. So my question is... what's your favourite item in this collection? 

PS: It sounds obvious but this collection IS limited so grab your favorite stuff as soon as you can ;) 

Can be found at Sephora (for most of EU countries), Debenhams, John Lewis (for UK), Nordstrom (for the US) and of course, all other Dior counters (Galeries Lafayettes in Paris or Selfridges in London)!  

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

catching up with instagram (@miy_u)

1. one of the first shop in my new flat, wearing my Aldo boots and Prada bag 2. decorating my flat with candles and scents 3. what's better than a warm cup of hot chocolate? 4. all in burgundy day

1. first fall leaves, still yellow 2. a day in London wearing my favourite Chanel flats 3. a sunny day outfit to go to Uni 4. colored tree in Victoria Park 

1. favourite morning treat: skinny latte from Starbucks 2. new nail polish matching roses 3. best cookie ever from Starbucks as well with white chocolate and raspberries 4. colors slowly getting wintery  

This is pretty much the overall of my october after Uni has started! I really like fall especially when it's sunny and all colorfull but now the days are getting darker, cloudier and colder....

You can find more on my instagram here