Tuesday, 12 November 2013

a golden winter with dior

Dior has finally released, about 3 days ago their Holiday 2013 make up collection! This winter, Dior drags us into Versailles and its golden world. It's all about gold and it's all about winter! For this christmassy occasion, they revisited the packaging and mixed up dark and light colors: everything is around dark red/purple or white/gold. 

First of all, I have spotted 2 items: a nail polish and a lipstick. As you can see, the packaging is really amazing and I fell in love with it: all the boxes and packages are in gold and round shaped. I don't feel like I've bought make up but rather, jewellery. Their entire collection feels precious

Then, revealing the items I have chosen: Dior Minuit #995 for the nail polish; which is a dark red/purple with gold shimmers in it. And, I have fallen again for a lipstick: Dior Winter #042 which is also a dark/burgundy red that matches perfect the nail polish but also the cold winter that we're about to face. I just feel like dark colors and golden shades brings some warmth through the chilly days we're having and I really enjoy my first items. They just keep me in a good mood ;)

This is supposed to be the entire collection. I truly fell in love with it and I was really excited about it (less excited for Chanel Holiday 2013 "Nuit Infinie") and I'm looking forward to get the 5 colors eyeshadow palette: either Golden Flowers (left one) or Golden Snow (right one). Which one do you prefer? 

Anyway, as you can see, there are other nail polishes and plenty of lipsticks. I forgot to mention that the lipsticks have a matte effect so they're a bit dry and feel like Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet. Other lipsticks that struck me are Joy and Etoile, they are of lighter color but still opaque/matte and perfect for winter and Christmas! For nails, I'll be tempted to try a lighter colors but still snowy: Winter which is the white one with gold shimmers in it (under Minuit in the photo above). 

NOTE: Dior released one of their first caviar manucure (originally by Ciaté) in this collection: a golden nail polish color with white pearls. They are sold together and are definitely to try (or a perfect gift to offer). However, I've tried caviar manucure and I was disappointed that the pearl went away quite fast...

Honestly, I just really love this collection and I could try all of it. So my question is... what's your favourite item in this collection? 

PS: It sounds obvious but this collection IS limited so grab your favorite stuff as soon as you can ;) 

Can be found at Sephora (for most of EU countries), Debenhams, John Lewis (for UK), Nordstrom (for the US) and of course, all other Dior counters (Galeries Lafayettes in Paris or Selfridges in London)!  

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