Wednesday, 6 November 2013

catching up with instagram (@miy_u)

1. one of the first shop in my new flat, wearing my Aldo boots and Prada bag 2. decorating my flat with candles and scents 3. what's better than a warm cup of hot chocolate? 4. all in burgundy day

1. first fall leaves, still yellow 2. a day in London wearing my favourite Chanel flats 3. a sunny day outfit to go to Uni 4. colored tree in Victoria Park 

1. favourite morning treat: skinny latte from Starbucks 2. new nail polish matching roses 3. best cookie ever from Starbucks as well with white chocolate and raspberries 4. colors slowly getting wintery  

This is pretty much the overall of my october after Uni has started! I really like fall especially when it's sunny and all colorfull but now the days are getting darker, cloudier and colder....

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