Wednesday, 20 November 2013

golden winter part 2: golden snow eyes

As you all know from a couple of posts ago, I really wished to have the Dior Golden Snow #644 palette. First, I couldn't choose between this one and this other, Golden Flowers but I finally decided to take Golden Snow as it is different from what I have overall (I am still willing to try/buy Golden Flowers hehe). So here it is, a little review and some nice pictures I enjoyed to take! 

 I think I'm ready to enjoy Dior's holiday 2013!!

So here are the 4 shades on my skin. There is a light metallic pink and a darker one. Those are paired with either gold or white shimmers. Finally, you have the all time classic plain black to shade over the corners and add a smoky effect. I like to use the 5 colours together but if shimmers are too much for day time I either don't use them or I just use them as a highlighter. You can either "smoken" your eyes with the black for a deep effect or simply the darker pink; although all three (light pink, dark pink, black) are perfectly combined together. You can then pop down some shimmers on  the outside corner (gold) and inner corner (white) of your eyes. For a total gold day: just over shade your whole eye with the gold colours :) You could still use the white as a base, though. Anyway, make up is really as you wish and feel. The combination of Dior's 5 Colours Palette is infinite. 

Also, I haven't mentionned but here is my little collection of Dior's fragrances, Miss Dior. I had this small sample of Miss Dior (which is normally sold with christmas gift box) from a very kind staff. I really love miniatures and this one is just perfect: cute, beautiful and classy at the same time. I really like  this perfume and next time I'll buy the Eau de Parfum instead of Eau de Toilette for a longer stay. Besides, it's good for all seasons I believe. (My favourite perfume for F/W is Viktor and Rolf, Flowerbomb).  


  1. What a beautiful palette! The eye looks you could do with it are endless. It's definitely on my wishlist that's for sure. Lovely post :)

    Debra Bros Blog

    1. Thank you. I really fell in love with their collection :)

  2. Dior cosmetics look so luxurious!
    Only by looking their packages I want them all!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

    1. I know, especially this year their packaging is extraordinary !!