Saturday, 16 November 2013

head over heels

I know I used to be a flat shoes girl, even a sneakers girl. But time changes us and I have to say that I'm falling for high heels recently. I always loved thick heels such as high heeled booties or wedges sandals but never was so much attracted with proper pumps. The black pair is old and both of the nude/brown are new, and I love them. Zara may not be a shoe store specialist but I love their heels. Not their boots or flats but their heels. Of course, I will never compare them to Louboutin or Jimmy Choo because it has nothing to do with such high end shoe brand. But yeah one day, I'll own pairs of Louboutin's and Choo's, for sure!

I love how this colour matches my LV bag. And I believe it's an all season colour. I love brown and you could think it's more of a dull season colour (f/w) but what about those sandals with a nice colourful flower patterned skirt in may? 

Just a little preview of how both of them look on my feet! What do you think?

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