Sunday, 17 November 2013

mazette !

I am in a good mood and guess why? I am blogging and it's all colourful! I don't know if you're aware of that but Dior revisited their "Rouge Dior" Couture lipstick. An icon of the House, certainly but redesigned and reinterpreted with new colours and an absolutely perfect portrait for the campaign: Natalie Portman. Those lipsticks are NOT matte or velvet. They are Rouge and "hydrating". The texture is smooth and that's also why the colours are probably so "pop". 
PLUS, I love the packaging it's just so... Couture
Colours are genuinely BRIGHT. Even if they released the new collection not too long ago you can see in the photo above that it is brighty and lighty (kind of). So here are the new 32 (yes they released 32 shades!!!) Rouge Dior colors released and I have picked up probably the brightest: Mazette #028 (£26). 
It is a bright pink, as you can see on the screen shot from Dior's website. In my photo below it looks more reddish but in reality, it is more pinkish and similar to the website's colour (I would say a strong coral/salmon shade). I really love it. Some would say that it is not seasonal and I would disagree. Why not put on some bright pink glamorous and womanish colours on your lips when days are grey and clothes are dark? It's the perfect way to brighten your day, although I won't lie, I love matte and darker lipstick for the seasons. But anyway, this one is perfect for anyone and any hair colour. 

Plus, small treat you may all have seen on my instagram (@miy_u) my new lipstick storage: a lace patterned candle glass. I really love glasses for storage of small things. I consider my lipsticks (and most of my make up) as some sort of jewels. They are high end and the packaging is so pretty, I feel that it stands out in a glass like this. (By the way, the glass was really cheap £2 from Wilkinson)

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