Wednesday, 13 November 2013

secret wish list

Because it's almost and Christmas and because we all love the decoration of our streets, in shop windows, as well as a cup of signature hot chocolate from Starbucks, I decided to share with you guys my secret wish list! Most of the items below are not especially affordable but they have been crossing my mind for a while and I just wish I had those ;) 

1. Louis Vuitton Alma BB - I've been wanting this bag for quite long now. I was hesitating before I bought my Prada between the classic Alma PM or the smaller version: Alma BB. I wanted it in beige but now I just figured out I need darker bags and if I were to purchase either of those (PM or BB) I would choose it in  Rouge Fauviste (or Pomme D'Amour?). Anyway, I am focusing on the vernis leather (although I love the Fuschia in épi). Could this be my next big shopping accessory? Maybe. 
Price: around 900€ for épi leather BB and 1050€ for the vernis leather. PM in vernis leather is 1 360€. 

2. Unaffordable but yet one of my dreams. This bag, the Chanel classic flap bag 2.55 (matelassé) is, I believe, every women's dream (at least if they have an interest in fashion). It's classic, it's sober, it's black, it's Chanel. The only problem remains its price... 
Price: from 2 500€ to 3000€ for the medium size.

3. YSL Lulu Bag in Terre colour. Very nice one and the price is more attractive than Chanel. I don't know if you've realised but I've put 3 cross body/clutch bags into this wish list... This means, I REALLY need a compact yet useful bag in my closet. 
Price: 1250€ for the small one, 1550€ for the big one. For that range of prices, I would rather recommend the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, much bigger and maybe more useful for an everyday bag. 

4. Hermes Clic-Clac bracelet in white and gold. I want this one so bag but it is as expensive as a pair f Chanel flats! Choice is hard. 
Price: 485€

5. Here comes the affordable part! I desperately want the Dior Golden Snow palette from their Golden Winter Holiday 2013 collection. It is so beautiful yet classy. I'm probably going to get it in the next few weeks and make you guys a review ;)  
Price: 40£/50€ (check also the other one: Golden Flower)

6. Still in the "cheap" range (also called make up), a lipstick (again) from Dior's new Holiday 2013 collection (again). The name is Joy #043 and I believe it will make me happy. As I said in my previous article, their new lipstick are matte and I love the effect. This one if of lighter colour and wearable every day! 
Price: 27£/30€

7. Changing categories: SHOES. This very simple and sober pair of YSL is just perfect. Simple and black. Perfect with a dress, a skirt or a skinny jeans. They're called Janis with a 80mm heel (also in 100mm). I used to want a pair of Louboutin Pigalle in nude, 80 mm (and I still do) but I really fell for those.
Price: 505£/575€ 

8. Finally, a necklace I once was about to purchase but then I fell for Chanel's sandals and another Tiffany's key pendant... I found it quite small but I still love it. Three delicate mini keys, a timeless classic from Tiffany and Co. in gold, rose gold and silver. In love. 
Price: 485£/510€ 

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