Wednesday, 27 November 2013

sparkling sparkles

Here it is, a new make up post. Why? Because it's almost December and therefore almost Christmas. I love sparkles, I love light and I love gold moods this season offers to us. So basically, I did not resist to sparkling make up. I told you I would probably fall for the Dior Golden Flower #634; well I did. But not only did I fall far the palette, I fell for the perfect nail top coat...

As you can see, and as I mentionned in my video, the tones are cuivre and bronze-ish. It applies perfectly on the skin and all 5 colours HAVE shimmer in it. If you like neutral colours, don't buy this one. It's all shimmery and that's what I like. However, I prefer this one compared to the Golden Snow #644 because you can wear it daily and probably in April too. So here it is - I hope - my final haul on Dior Holiday 2013!  

Now for the top coat, as you can see it is Essie "As Gold As It Gets" from their LuxEffect collection  for this years' Holiday (different shimmery top coat collection; you have blue, pink, silver etc). I know it sounds yellow-ish and I had hard time deciding between this one and the silver one but I trusted Essie and it does not look yellow on the nails at all. In fact, it does look golden as you can see over my nail polish. It is delicate and sober, not "too much" golden. I really love this top coat, it stays longer and my nails have little sparkles. It is pretty and it makes me happy. I love Christmas overall! With this top coat, your nail will feel like a delicate little Christmas ornament :)

For the comfort part, my all time favourite skinny Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. Coffee and blogging is just the best! Have a nice day!

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