Thursday, 25 December 2014

merry christmas from paris !

A happy and lovely Christmas to all of you and your loved ones! I've been in Paris for about 3 weeks and the ambiance here is crazy about holidays, compared to Sydney. Lights and trees followed by a mild cold, I forgot how nice Christmas in Europe was. Although I don't really like cold that much, I'm happy to enjoy this Christmas spirit surrounded by family and boyfriend, whom I was apart for a semester. This year, the Printemps windows were decorated by Burberry and I totally loved it! It represented a journey from London to Paris so windows were themed and inspired by both cities. London being my favourite city in Europe alongside with Stockholm, I well admired the windows lurking. As you can see, it was well crowded around the upside down Christmas tree at the Galeries Lafayette too. But I have enjoyed my champagne and coffee at Chanel whilst purchasing my Christmas gift!

More will come soon and I will be posting some of my favourite places and tips in Paris. I'll do the same for when I go back to Sydney. I really want to focus this blog on travel and lifestyle on top of fashion. Because I travel a lot, I want to share with all of you the places I get the chance to explore. 

Happy Christmas again!!! 


Monday, 22 December 2014

sydney's top 3 beaches

As a first proper "travel" post I thought a little overview on my top 3 favourite beaches should be appropriate. As it is summer there, beaches is the number one destination for the weekends. Of course, I haven't have the time to see all (or more) beaches in 5 months. I will be back in the city in January, and will keep you up to date if I discover other gems that will steal my heart. 

1) Palm Beach

2 hours away from the CBD (Town Hall bus station, L90), going there by public transport is quite of a commitment. Since I don't drive however, this is the only way I can access the beach. When you arrive there, everything is different from most Sydney beaches. I am not local, but I have heard Northern beaches are the prettiest, and I wasn't disappointed. Not crowded at all, you feel like you've taken the place to a Paradise land far far away from Sydney and perhaps, from Australia. There is plenty of space for you to lie down on the golden sand and have a dip in the warm water. As it is not touristy, don't expect bunch of shops or restaurants. There are only a couple but it is enough to get refreshment. (Photo 1)

If you walk all the way down the beach and turn left to a small little pathway, you end up in front of a different beach, looking more like a fresh water lake. It is however not a lake but another opening of the sea, way calmer than the other side. The latter has strong current and winds, perfect for wave lovers like myself or surfers of course. The calm area is nice, and has nice boats, as well as fishermen fishing for pleasure. (Photo 4)

If you continue that path straight, you will find the little stairs to go up where the lighthouse is. The view is absolutely stunning (Photo 2 and 3). As you can see, there is a lovely lookout which has a view on both side of the beaches. The left side being the windy side and the right side being the calm area. The lighthouse is also classified as a National Park; the hike isn't too hard so a must do!

2) Manly Beach

Way better than Bondi (I will write an article on it) to my mind, Manly is the best summer destination for me. 1 hour bus ride from Chatswood (136, stand B) or 20 minutes ferry ride from Circular Quay, Manly beach will blow your mind on sunny days and will ruin your wallet. Full of nice cafés, restaurants and surf clothes boutique, there is everything for everyone. Grab a coffee or a Pressed Juice ($10 each) in the morning and lay down on the warm sand for the rest of the day. Don't forget to swim in the swimming area because currents are really strong in Manly, to the benefits of the surfers. If you fancy a beer in the afternoon, bottle shops are around the corner but I usually love to have a nice and huge froyo from Yogurtland. If you ask for my favourite flavour I would say plain! There is nothing better than plain yogurt to match with all the toppings. Cheesecake and Expresso/Hazelnut are worth trying though. 

Last but not least, Manly is very populated in blue bottles so be careful!!

3) Watson's Bay

Not really a beach in itself (a bay indeed), Watson's Bay is one of my favourite spot really close to the city. About 20 minutes of rapid ferry ride and you're there. Ferry ride in Sydney is absolutely the best rides you could ever have, giving you a stunning view on the harbour and the so famous Opera House. On the way, you will also pass Rose Bay on the way, where you can stop if you want. There are no "beaches" in the sense that you will lie on the sand and sunbathe, apart from little spot on the land. However, it is perfect to walk along the trails and have a great view on the city (Photo 2). There are also a number of secret spots where you can take nice photos and admire the owners of boats, having a party. On the other side of the land, have a look at the lighthouse and lie on the grass upon the cliffs. The Gap is very famous and the waves are crashing hard on the rocks, which is very nice to look at. If you went there in the morning, don't forget to have a lunch at the oldest fish & chip's place, near the harbour where the ferry dropped you. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

chanel ballet flats 15C

Folies folies! After 5 months away from Parisian shopping, I have to finally keep up to date my closet and of well, let's spend my salary as it's the Christmas season. This time I'm introducing you a gorgeous pearly gold colour from Cruise 2015 (or 15C). As you have guessed, these are ballet flats (again). I am so in love with ballet flats from Chanel, I couldn't not get these. They are made of caviar leather or granulated calfskin. It is actually my first Chanel pair that is in "caviar". I have another pair in calfskin but the leather is smooth and has a lambskin looking. A few weeks ago I found a perfect pair of nacre smooth flats in the Sydney store but it was obviously way too expensive compared to the price here in Paris. Besides, these are matching something that I will post around the 25th ;)

Overall, as usual, nothing to say. The flats are so comfy it's even better than a pair of Tod's I believe. They are gorgeous and work for both day and night. The Cruise collection this year has really taken my heart, as always I should say. I can't wait to wear them if either the weather here warms up or when I'll be back in Australia. The best: they look so nice with anything white (I love white shorts and dress). Price is €490 as opposed to AU$880. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

chanel "plumes précieuses" : the must

After having purchased a fez items from the Plumes Précieuses collection, I have finally got my hands on the prettiest items of the collection, back at home in Paris. The so popular and all over the world sell-out highlighter (Camélia de Plumes) is an absolute must and awesome piece to collect. I was so lucky to get one of the last here in France and I absolutely have no regrets, despite the price. The colour appears as silver but it is so much more delicate and subtle on the skin. You notice the difference and it highlights your face amazingly but it is not "too much" at all. It is perfect for all year (because it is discreet and easy to wear) but especially for this period of the year. 

The eye palette (Oiseaux de Nuits) is also really gorgeous. The lavender and purple shades appear more as greys but they create the perfect smooth smokey eye. By changing the variation, you can create a lighter and/or stronger smokey eye, just as you wish. I like to first put a layer of gold, then the icy lavender shade and to then; blend with the darker grey and add a very little touch of black. For nights, I would add a touch of white into the corner of my eyes and a bit on the brow bone as well. 

Overall, this collection is gorgeous and I have purchased all items except the red lipstick and the nail polish. Although pricy, I would recommend a few items. If you have smokey eye palettes and are not a collection person, the eye palette isn't necessary. However, the highlighter and the blush (see previous article: is a must for me. Then add the perfect nude lipstick: Volage

Monday, 8 December 2014

chanel croisière 2015 espadrilles

After 2 years of missing these beauties, this year I decided to be right on time. Always sold out, I however managed to get my hands on the so popular Chanel espadrilles. Thanks to my mom who was in Paris whilst I was in Sydney, where they didn't receive the models yet. I love the canvas one but price and quality wise, I thought leather should be better. I do not like the leather models in general, but this year they release a Suede leather model, in tons of different colours. I picked up the coral, as you can all imagine! I'm such a coral lover, I think it's the perfect match for spring summer with nice coral lips (try Rouge Coco Sari Doré or Rouge Allure Velvet La Favorite). Besides, my WOC is from C14 and the same tones as well. Overall, they are stunning, beautiful and so comfy. You almost don't want to wear them! As of today, I think they all sold out already since my mom got them about a couple of weeks ago and it was the last pair in 37. I can't wait them in January, when I'll be back in warm Sydney !!! 

On a side note, I absolutely love the Christmas packaging this year. I like that they used a snowflake in contract to a camellia, although last year's black and gold camellias were gorgeous as well. 

Price: 430€ for the Suede model, as of December 2014. The canvas model was retailed for 390€. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

les rouges cultes : laque rouge

As some of you may be aware, Chanel has released a limited edition of 3 red nail polishes, featuring their most cult and classic reds from the 1980s. All three reds are absolutely gorgeous but my favourite one - and pick - went to his gorgeous cherry red: Rouge Laque 71 from 1981. These red shades will never be out of date and can be worn, everyday, all day, all night and all year round. It's probably the most gorgeous red from Chanel and amongst all the nail polish I own so far. I really fell in love with this colour and like it more than I thought I would. It suits my skin really well and obviously my closet as well. How nice is it with this grey classic linen Zara t-shirt? Anyways, it's summer here and I love it. When I'll be back in Paris it will be winter and I will love it too. I just can't stop staring at my nails!
Which one is your favourite cult red?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

céline trio : what's in my bag?

Recently, I''ve been tagged on instagram (follow me @miy_u) by @asianalyssa / (go follow her she's amazing!) to do a what's in my bag photo and I thought I should share it with you so you have an idea of what you can fit in this tiny but very handy little bag. 

What I will always carry on a daily basis are up in the photo but let me get into more details. First of all, I always have my lovely Chanel card holder that I bought in London last year. I keep my train tickets, my student ID and my home electronic key plus all the loyalty card in the middle compartment. This item is essential and fits the bag perfectly. Then, I always have my coin purse. My Trio is the small size so I can't really carry a full size wallet. In my coin purse, I mainly have coins (obviously) and my credit cards plus other useless cards. I don't really need anything else to be honest. I also always carry with me my passport holder from Louis Vuitton. Classic, it is also my life. I have in it my passport and French ID (not the size of a credit card so this holder is a gem), voting card, blood type card, etc. If I go without this thing, I'm basically IDless. What other thing should also always be in a woman's bag? Lipstick. My daily lipstick is Rouge Coco Orchidée 17, a beautiful raspberry red. My favourite of all times. But recently I'm wearing one of the new ones, Rouge Allure Volage 227, a discreet nude. After all this, because I currently live in Sydney, the weather is getting HOT and sunny so I'm carrying my Céline sunnies at all times. Almost finally, I always have my gorgeous Rolex, Lady Date Just. This timeless classic watch will follow me arounds for years. I love it so much it's hard to removed it from my wrist but on the go, it ends up in my bag (in its pouch of course!). Last but not least... iPhone 6! It may be sad to say this but I could never go out without my phone. From taking photos to keeping in touch with my friends, this beauty never quits me.  

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

céline trio

So a few weeks ago, I made the decision to get my hand on this gorgeous bag. Being down under in Australia is always a challenge to find French designers' bags and at a reasonable prices. As a French citizen, I thought I should wait until I go home so I can have a larger choice and cheapest price. However, although this might be the case for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Céline itself, this bag was reasonable: $1,149, which is close to its euro price. Plus, take 10% off detax! Anyways, the whole point is I can't believe they had the black which is always sold out... 

Because I'm a short and quite tiny person (1,62cm only), I decided that I should get the small size. Although really simple, this bag has everything for itself. The lambskin is gorgeous and subtle and the three pouches helps you organising your stuff. It holds SO MUCH. Even in the small model, you can just fit anything. I don't like overloading my bags however, and especially this one because the leather is quite fragile. I have seen a lot of Trios having their straps dying and honestly, I don't want mines to be ripped off the bag. This is my only worry at the moment so I take the strict minimum I need, which is great because when I carry bigger bags (ie. Neverfull, Speedy or Saffiano Lux Tote) I tend to overfill them and they are so heavy. The only big bag I never overfill is my Jumbo for similar reasons - I care about it so much, I treat it like crystal!

Back to Céline, the delicateness of the lambskin often worries people but so far I've been carrying my bag everyday and it has no scratches yet. Regarding the inner material, it is made of wool. A bit disappointed that it is not leather or suede but I guess for it fairly low price we couldn't ask for more! I also highly appreciate the gold hardware. Black and gold is an all time classic and will never be out of date. So chic. 

Overall, I would say it's a gorgeous bag reflecting modernity and simplicity of women nowadays. It will still catch your eyes no matter how simple and straightforward it is. It fits and goes well with everything. Also, since mine is black I think you can never go wrong with it. On a personal note, I find this bag perfect for everyday life and maybe too casual for nights out, despite its small size. So for me, it's what I need for daytime, which I think the bag was designed for: practical and go around everyday shoulder bag (I don't really like wearing it cross body). 

PS: I'm thinking about getting a Chanel Boy WOC or YSL Cabas Y; any preferences? 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

uluru road trip photo diary

A couple of weeks ago I went on a crazy road trip in the Northern Territory's outback. We flew to Ayers Rock and drove everywhere we could for three days. It was one of the driest and really cool desert experience I've had so far (after the West Coast desert road in the US). 

Day 1: After nearly 4 hours flight, we picked up the car at the (very tiny and lost) airport. We drove around 50km one way to Kata Tjuta National Park (photo 1). For $25 each, you get a park road entry for three days, which was really convenient. It was too warm to do the walk and the Valley of the Winds was closed. Mostly, people do walks in the morning as the temperature is below 30 degrees celsius. If over 36C, no tracks will be opened. At the end of the day, we went to our hotel and bought food before everything closed. Around 6:30PM we drove 30km one way to Uluru National Park to see the sunset. Unfortunately for our first day, the sky was too cloudy so we decided to go back the following day. 

Day 2: Probably the most tiring day so far. We drove 300km one way to the King's Canyon. Although stunning, my mind wasn't as blown as it was when I first saw the Grand Canyon, AZ. Nothing compared to the Grand Canyon for sure, but we fancied a little walk since we arrived a little bit before 10AM and the weather was cool yet humid. We chose the longest track, nearly 3 hours of walk return (photo 2). It was a great exercise and the environment was awesome. We drove back to our hotel and tried to be early for the sunset this time. We were lucky for a few minutes only (photo 3) before the clouds darkened the rock again. 

Day 3: Last day and we pretty much saw everything. What we did is that we woke up at 4:30AM to be ready for the sunrise at Uluru. Different spot this time, the lighting on the rock was fairly different. Fairly cloudy at first, it became really sunny and gorgeous. We then headed back to the airport and gave the car back. Everything was great, and I'm really glad I've been traveling around this wonderful country again. Little disappointment: flight delayed and car more expensive than expected (it was such a great though i.e. Nissan Pulsar).

PS: believe it or not, the above photos were taken with my iPhone, and not my Canon EOS 550D. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

the past two weeks...

Since I've had my new iPhone, I haven't had the chance to post phone snaps yet so you can now finally have a little taste. Although the photos have a filter, iPhone 6 camera is absolutely stunning. 

1. Road trip to Uluru National Park (diary coming soon)
2. Sunset at Uluru
3. In the middle of nowhere in Australia's Northern Territory
4. Flying back to Sydney: the city from above

1. First Céline leather purchase: the Trio bag - review to come soon
2. Chilly morning outfit wearing my Acne Canada scarf and Céline Trio
3. Australian summer oblige: tangerine Chanel WOC and new Atlas bracelet from Tiffany & Co.
4. Smart casual outfit  

1. Beautiful tweed jacket from Zara, so in love with it!
2. My new morning routine: having a pomegranate juice. The benefits of this fruit gem are amazing. I've been on pomegranate diet for the past week and I can already feel the change in my body. 
3. One of the best ice creams in Sydney: Messina Gelato 
4. Wandering around Darling Harbour with those gorgeous purple trees