Friday, 30 May 2014

zen with chanel

Last month when I went to Paris I had a little binge and this happened: a massive haul! We went to the original Saint Honoré boutique and I have to say we picked up massive items. Everything looks absolutely fabulous and spring alike. First of all, I have to say that I went to the boutique without even knowing if I wanted something specific. But as you all know, I could never get enough of cosmetics, especially when it comes to Chanel's beauty products. So I fell in love with a few things. The lady was absolutely lovely, we always rely on her and she provides us a lots of advices and always let me try whatever I want to try. It is part of her marketing scheme but I really appreciate the fact that someone is actually there to advice you and help you choosing the best and most suitable products for your skin/face. Thus, I tried their new foundation to begin with: Perfection Lumière Velvet in shade 20 Beige. Damn, it is the best foundation I've ever trie so far! As I said in one of my previous post, I never really had the habit to wear foundation and I have to say, I hated the idea. But then I thought I should just even my skin tone and hunted the lightest possible foundation, finding Vitalumière Aqua (more details on an upcoming foundation post). 

Then I had a look (the boutique is rather petite) at all the eyes products. Before catching my eyes on the beautiful Jardin Zen palette, I also decided that I should absolutely get a brush! Because putting a foundation with hands is annoying at some point. I also wanted their whole kit so I would have brushes for my eyes and so on, but I decided to think about it although the kit is fabulous! So, back to the eye make up, I know that I have too many palettes. But who cares? I can't live without some colours up on my eye lids. So here we go, I decided to get this Japan inspired palette. The name stands for the pattern on the shadows, that look exactly like Japanese zen gardens. Apart from the beautiful shape, I absolutely love the colours! All of them go well together and I like the flawlessness as well as the pale/pastel tone they have. Besides, they do have some light shimmers in it, especially the yellow/beige shade. Unfortunately, this palette is only available at the Saint Honoré boutique in Paris, at least in France. I don't know for the rest of the world but if you ever see it it is really exclusive so go get it!

Last but not least, I chose a hair perfume in the Chanel Eau Tendre gamme. It is the perfect perfume and my personal favourite perfume for the summer season. I have the eau de toilette as well as a body mist and this is why I thought the hair perfume (only available in 30ml) was a brilliant idea and a great addition to my collection. Finally, I am so happy that the lady gave us a pouch! How lovely is it? I use it everyday to put my make up in now. I am such a pouch girl I just have too many pouches!

Ombres Tracées, Jardin Zen 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

summer bangle

Here is a little summer item/accessory to bring around everywhere. I fell in love with this Louis Vuitton bangle the first time I caught my eyes on it. It is so pretty and I absolutely love the colours they released for spring/summer. They (unfortunately) discontinued the round ones and the new ones are more squarish and have a "LV" aligned rather than the LV monogram. Yet, I still love the colours and the Vuitton's emblematic flowers, which were handcrafted and that is what I love the most. This bangle has so much work done on it and the details are so pretty! My wrist is quite small so I chose the smallest size and this is how it looks like. Any thoughts?  

Monday, 26 May 2014

louis vuitton private apartment

For twice in a row, we had the chance to be received at the Louis Vuitton private apartment in London, on New Bond Street. We are quite good customers of the Paris' Champs Élysées boutique, where we also have quite often the chance to be seated in private areas but I have to say I have never seen such thing as the London's apartment. The place is gigantic, it's bigger than an apartment, I would rather call it a villa. It is situated at the top of the Boutique, on the second floor. It is absolutely gorgeous. There are about four different rooms, exclusively made to receive personal shoppers or extremely good customers, like VIPs. The first time we went there, no one else was there so I took the time to take several photos. As you can see, the ambiance is really luxurious and cosy. The decor is moderns whilst being classy. The second time, the experience was much better as we had a host for ourselves! The windows lay down a view on beautiful New Bond Street. You really feel like being in a very spacious New York lawyer's luxurious apartment. They also expose their precious pieces of bags, made of rare leather such as crocodile and python. Everything, including plates and glasses are labelled Vuitton. There are a few amazing Art books that you can open at your ease and so many comfortable sofas. To be honest, it was one of my best shopping experience ever, not to mention the champagne and little sweets we had the chance to taste. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

20th birthday blast

Last weekend was my 20th birthday and I can't tell how grateful I am. Despite all the stress from finals revisions, this little birthday weekend accorded myself some relaxation. First of all, my boyfriend came for a few days at "home" (my student flat) and my parents came all the way from Paris to London to gift me a fabulous stay in London with themselves and my boyfriend, altogether. 
Here is a little overview of what happened. 

For the first night, we stayed home to cook some simple dishes like pasta and raviolis. At midnight I got the chance to eat a delicious birthday cake with loads of strawberries and raspberries. I also got the chance to receive a wonderful gift from my loving boyfriend. I had no words and I have to say, I am really really grateful to him. The first photos shows the essential: a beautiful card and the gorgeous necklace I get the chance to wear. It is from Tiffany's (from one of my favourite, Paloma Picasso collection), and I have to admit what could be more pleasant than a blue box from the one you love? The second night (Saturday, May 17) was my actual birthday. My boyfriend and I first went for a little run in Victoria Park where we barely ran 5km, we still need to get back used to it! We then headed to a nice American restaurant "Coast to Coast" and to the movies, to watch 'Bad Neighbours', such a fun movies, it was awesome!! 

The next day, we headed to London to meet my parents (photo 3) and had a very nice sunset in the city (photo 4). The photo below shows the delicious cake that we've made: everything bio and healthy!

On our arrival to London, we were really welcomed by the Hotel (photo 1) and the Louis Vuitton store on Bond Street which reserved me a very nice surprise (the last 3 photos). We had the chance to have a host offering us a bottle of champagne and a delicious chocolate cake. We also had the pleasure to look at severals goods/bags because they knew I wanted one, haha. I still hesitate on which model I want, either a Chanel or a Vuitton. I would love the double flap but the prices have gone up and they are now retailed at 3 550€ for the M size, which is outrageous! I did fell in love with the LV Capucines (but again 3 700€ for a bag!) or the Sofia Coppola, still pricy but maybe a little bit more in the budget for myself and my parents. I think that spending more than 2 000€ on a bag is a real investment and is not permitted for everyone. Therefore, the choice must be certain and the quality of the bag must be impeccable. I did think of getting the Chanel GST but the inside quality of the bag was poor... The lining was in nylon and pockets were so thin I was afraid of ripping them off. Although I adore Chanel and I am sometimes a bit biased, this made me rethink of my choice. Maybe the quality of the leather and the bag overrides the brand's preferences. Besides, I do love Vuitton! 

Anyways, what I want to say is that the experience was fabulous, the cake and champagne delicious, and the staff adorable. 

On Monday we had a delicious yummy but bad lunch at Shake Shack. The burgers were delicious and I couldn't stop myself eating them!

Make up and cosmetics arcade in Covent Garden. I absolutely fell in love with this place. When we go to London we usually go to the same shopping street and rarely go to those places. It was so pretty and haven't seen Covent in over a year! 

In the process of trying on several bags. I love both of them so badly! The choice is really hard. One of the 2, the SC or a Chanel? I really want a lifetime classic and BLACK bag (I have no black yet). 

PS: sorry if my latest photos are squarish but I take a lot of photos with my phone lately and I love the square mode (Instagram convenient). 

Monday, 12 May 2014

easter in paris

 1. Forest escapade 2. Japanese lunch 3. Sweet tooth 4. Easter chocolates part 1

1. Escapade en forêt 2. Déjeuner Japonais 3. Petites pâtisseries 4. Chocolats de Pâques partie 1

1. & 2. George V with family 3. & 4. BLT & red berries tart at GV

1. & 2. George V avec la famille 3. & 4. Club sandwich & tarte aux fruits rouges au GV

1. Easter chocolate part 2 2. & 3. New Chanel ballet flats 4. Ice cream with the boyfriend 

1. Chocolats de Pâques partie 2 2. & 3. Nouvelles ballerines Chanel 4. Glace avec le copain

1. My boyfriend & I at the Triumph Arc 2. Dior Fluidstick 3. Details 4. Lunch at Park Hyatt

1. Mon copain et moi à l'Arc de Triomphe  2. Dior Fluidstick 3. Détails 4. Déjeuner au Park Hyatt

1. Desserts at Park Hyatt Vendôme 2. Chanel beauty goodies 3. My mom & I at Le Meurice 4. Unagi dinner!

1. Dessert au Park Hyatt Vendôme 2. Petits achats beauté chez Chanel 3. Ma mère et moi au Meurice 4. Dîner anguille

1. Lily of the valley on the 1st of May to bring luck 2. Paris promenade 3. Break at Ladurée 4. Last French shopping 

1. Muguet pour le bonheur 2. Promenade à Paris 3. Goûter à Ladurée 4. Dernier shopping Parisien 

Paris, my lovely home..

Thursday, 8 May 2014

les ombres tissées de chanel

My choice from the many Ombres Tissées de Chanel: Tissé Gabrielle 208. So before my Easter holidays, I have bought this palette and have been using it ever since. All I have to day is YES. This palette is amazing and as advertised, the formula is much better. It stays longer and colours are more intense. I love the fact that this palette provides range of dark greys and purples. It's the perfect all-year smokey eyes palette for me. One word: go for it. 

Mon choix parmi les si nombreuses Ombres Tissées de Chanel est la suivante: Tissé Gabrielle 208. Je l'ai acheter avant mes vacances de Pâques et depuis, je ne fais que l'utiliser. Comme sur les publicité la nouvelle formule de cette palette est incroyable. Elle est plus intense et tiens mieux sur les paupières. Ce que j'aime sur celle-ci, c'est le choix de différents tons entre gris et mauves qui nous apportent un une satisfaction pour créer un smokey eye tout au long de l'année. Un seul mot: allez y! 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

montreal part two : iphone snaps

Arriving at the Loewes Vogue Hotel and discovering our beautiful room. 

Arrivée à l'Hotel Loewes Vogue et découverte de notre somptueuse chambre. 

1. McGill University 2. Downtown 3. Canadian speciality: maple syrup on snow 4. Downton artwork

1. Université McGill 2. Centre-ville 3. Une des plus délicieuse spécialité Canadienne: tire d'érable sur glace 4. Statues au centre-ville

1. Night out at the Ritz (we actually went there almost every night, but despite the name, prices were reasonable and it was delicious!) 2. Pause at the Nespresso store 3. Old town 4. View on the Saint Laurent 

1. Dîner au Ritz (on y étais presque tous les soirs, mais contrairement au nom les prix étaient raisonnable et le repas délicieux!) 2. Pause à Nespresso 3. Vieux Montréal 4. Vue sur le Saint Laurent 

1. Mount Royal Park 2. Mani Pedi time! 3. Best bagel in town: Fairmount Bagel 4. Cocktail time at the Ritz: Cosmopolitan de L'Orient

1. Parc Mont Royal 2. Petite session manucure et pedicure 3. Meilleur bagel en ville chez Fairmount Bagel 4. Petit cocktail au Ritz: Cosmopolitan de L'Orient  

All photos from Jean Drapeau Park, a little island from the city where you can go by subway or vehicle! Very nice, and as you can see it was still snowy! The second photo is an outfit photo, it was so sunny outside! 

Les trois premières photos sont celles prises au Parc Jean Drapeau, une petite île hors de la ville mais facile d'accès via métro ou véhicule. La dernière photo est une petite tenue du jour, il faisait si beau! 

1., 3. & 4. Parc Mont Royal, we walked all day long towards the 2. Lac aux Castors. It was so sunny and the waterfalls were really nice with the snow! We even sunbathed at the lake with a glass of wine! 

1., 3. & 4. Dernier jour au Parc Mont Royal, où nous avons marcher toute l'après midi jusqu'au 2. Lac aux Castors. Le temps était vraiment parfait et les cascades donnaient vraiment bien avec la neige! Nous avons même bronzer avec un verre de vin au lac!

1. Last night 2. My favorite cocktail of all times 3. Last lunch at the airport, the best Caesar sandwich and red berries smoothie so far! 4. See you soon! 

1. Dernière soirée 2. Mon cocktail favoris 3. Dernier déjeuner à l'aéroport: meilleur sandwich César et smoothie aux fruits rouges 4. À tantôt!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

trip to montreal

 Montreal Skyline - Mont Royal

 Parc La Fontaine

 Lac Aux Castors

Vieux Montréal (Old Town) & La Fontaine 

As you can see, Montreal was very snowy. I went there for a small week with my mom and although there was snow, it wasn't cold. It was sunny most of the time and about 15°C. It's a place I really enjoyed. It felt like a small NYC and in French! People were kind, the food was pretty good and I love the fact the the city is surrounded by mountains, lake and a river (Saint Laurent). It's town in the middle of nature! I absolutely fell in love with Montreal. 

Comme vous pouvez le voir, il y avait encore de la neige en plein mois d'avril à Montréal. Malgré cette neige, le temps était relativement plaisant: soleil presque tous les jours et températures de journée autour de 15°C. Je suis partie une petite semaine en compagnie de ma mère et je peux vous assurez que c'est un endroit que j'ai vraiment apprécié. Pour moi, Montréal est comme un petit NYC version Française. Les gens sont adorables, la nourriture plutôt bonne (surtout pour un pays comme le Canda, il y a de bons légumes et poissons frais!). Ce que je j'ai le plus aimé c'est qu'il y ait montagnes, lacs et rivière (Fleuve Saint Laurent) en pleine ville. C'est la ville immergée dans la nature. Je suis simplement tombée amoureuse!