Sunday, 25 May 2014

20th birthday blast

Last weekend was my 20th birthday and I can't tell how grateful I am. Despite all the stress from finals revisions, this little birthday weekend accorded myself some relaxation. First of all, my boyfriend came for a few days at "home" (my student flat) and my parents came all the way from Paris to London to gift me a fabulous stay in London with themselves and my boyfriend, altogether. 
Here is a little overview of what happened. 

For the first night, we stayed home to cook some simple dishes like pasta and raviolis. At midnight I got the chance to eat a delicious birthday cake with loads of strawberries and raspberries. I also got the chance to receive a wonderful gift from my loving boyfriend. I had no words and I have to say, I am really really grateful to him. The first photos shows the essential: a beautiful card and the gorgeous necklace I get the chance to wear. It is from Tiffany's (from one of my favourite, Paloma Picasso collection), and I have to admit what could be more pleasant than a blue box from the one you love? The second night (Saturday, May 17) was my actual birthday. My boyfriend and I first went for a little run in Victoria Park where we barely ran 5km, we still need to get back used to it! We then headed to a nice American restaurant "Coast to Coast" and to the movies, to watch 'Bad Neighbours', such a fun movies, it was awesome!! 

The next day, we headed to London to meet my parents (photo 3) and had a very nice sunset in the city (photo 4). The photo below shows the delicious cake that we've made: everything bio and healthy!

On our arrival to London, we were really welcomed by the Hotel (photo 1) and the Louis Vuitton store on Bond Street which reserved me a very nice surprise (the last 3 photos). We had the chance to have a host offering us a bottle of champagne and a delicious chocolate cake. We also had the pleasure to look at severals goods/bags because they knew I wanted one, haha. I still hesitate on which model I want, either a Chanel or a Vuitton. I would love the double flap but the prices have gone up and they are now retailed at 3 550€ for the M size, which is outrageous! I did fell in love with the LV Capucines (but again 3 700€ for a bag!) or the Sofia Coppola, still pricy but maybe a little bit more in the budget for myself and my parents. I think that spending more than 2 000€ on a bag is a real investment and is not permitted for everyone. Therefore, the choice must be certain and the quality of the bag must be impeccable. I did think of getting the Chanel GST but the inside quality of the bag was poor... The lining was in nylon and pockets were so thin I was afraid of ripping them off. Although I adore Chanel and I am sometimes a bit biased, this made me rethink of my choice. Maybe the quality of the leather and the bag overrides the brand's preferences. Besides, I do love Vuitton! 

Anyways, what I want to say is that the experience was fabulous, the cake and champagne delicious, and the staff adorable. 

On Monday we had a delicious yummy but bad lunch at Shake Shack. The burgers were delicious and I couldn't stop myself eating them!

Make up and cosmetics arcade in Covent Garden. I absolutely fell in love with this place. When we go to London we usually go to the same shopping street and rarely go to those places. It was so pretty and haven't seen Covent in over a year! 

In the process of trying on several bags. I love both of them so badly! The choice is really hard. One of the 2, the SC or a Chanel? I really want a lifetime classic and BLACK bag (I have no black yet). 

PS: sorry if my latest photos are squarish but I take a lot of photos with my phone lately and I love the square mode (Instagram convenient). 

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