Friday, 30 May 2014

zen with chanel

Last month when I went to Paris I had a little binge and this happened: a massive haul! We went to the original Saint Honoré boutique and I have to say we picked up massive items. Everything looks absolutely fabulous and spring alike. First of all, I have to say that I went to the boutique without even knowing if I wanted something specific. But as you all know, I could never get enough of cosmetics, especially when it comes to Chanel's beauty products. So I fell in love with a few things. The lady was absolutely lovely, we always rely on her and she provides us a lots of advices and always let me try whatever I want to try. It is part of her marketing scheme but I really appreciate the fact that someone is actually there to advice you and help you choosing the best and most suitable products for your skin/face. Thus, I tried their new foundation to begin with: Perfection Lumière Velvet in shade 20 Beige. Damn, it is the best foundation I've ever trie so far! As I said in one of my previous post, I never really had the habit to wear foundation and I have to say, I hated the idea. But then I thought I should just even my skin tone and hunted the lightest possible foundation, finding Vitalumière Aqua (more details on an upcoming foundation post). 

Then I had a look (the boutique is rather petite) at all the eyes products. Before catching my eyes on the beautiful Jardin Zen palette, I also decided that I should absolutely get a brush! Because putting a foundation with hands is annoying at some point. I also wanted their whole kit so I would have brushes for my eyes and so on, but I decided to think about it although the kit is fabulous! So, back to the eye make up, I know that I have too many palettes. But who cares? I can't live without some colours up on my eye lids. So here we go, I decided to get this Japan inspired palette. The name stands for the pattern on the shadows, that look exactly like Japanese zen gardens. Apart from the beautiful shape, I absolutely love the colours! All of them go well together and I like the flawlessness as well as the pale/pastel tone they have. Besides, they do have some light shimmers in it, especially the yellow/beige shade. Unfortunately, this palette is only available at the Saint Honoré boutique in Paris, at least in France. I don't know for the rest of the world but if you ever see it it is really exclusive so go get it!

Last but not least, I chose a hair perfume in the Chanel Eau Tendre gamme. It is the perfect perfume and my personal favourite perfume for the summer season. I have the eau de toilette as well as a body mist and this is why I thought the hair perfume (only available in 30ml) was a brilliant idea and a great addition to my collection. Finally, I am so happy that the lady gave us a pouch! How lovely is it? I use it everyday to put my make up in now. I am such a pouch girl I just have too many pouches!

Ombres Tracées, Jardin Zen 

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