Tuesday, 17 June 2014

vitalumière aqua vs. perfection lumière velvet

As I previously said, I was never a huge fan of foundation until I found Vitalumière Aqua. And after a recent release from Chanel, I fell in love with the Perfection Lumière Velvet. Although I don't wear foundation every day, before summer days and after long final months, I thought that having two of them was not excessive. Besides, the Perfection Lumière Velvet suits my skin best. As I said before, the Aqua Lumière is ideal for its lightness and flawlessness. It gives a natural look and acts like a BB cream, just as if you didn't wear anything but yet evening your face skin. The Velvet however, is perfect when you have some oily zones on your skin. It smoothens up your skin and gives it a matte effect. Thus, my skin looks perfectly smooth, even and absolutely soft. I would recommend the Aqua for an everyday and natural use whilst the Velvet can be used when you really want your skin to be perfect: a day or night out, a meeting, etc. Both of them have an SPF 15 and protects you from the sun. The shade I use (before finally getting a sun tan if summer decides to come someday) is Beige 20. I never used foundation during summer when my skin is coloured. Oh and needless to say, the foundation brush from Chanel is absolutely amazing and helps me to apply the product correctly. It is a pricy brush (about 30-40euros) but it is worth than a cheap brush that will wrongfully apply the product and that will die in about two months! 

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