Sunday, 6 July 2014

solar protection: getting ready to go down under

After a long process it is definitely sure that I am going to.. Sydney, Australia! My flight is booked, my accommodation is set up and so is my first trip. The only thing left is to receive the e-Visa. Although it is winter there, their winter is not as cold as our European winter and it only lasts for a few months rather than half a year! That's why, and also because the sun rays are stronger than ours, I have picked up a few sun protection products. They're all French and they seem to be perfect for my upcoming year.

The first three products are destined to protect the skin rather than embellish it. Biafine is known for its application after a sun burn. Because I tend to be careless about sun, this is an essential product for my skin. Then, for the first time of my life I decided to buy a sun screen. The protection of 15SPF is medium but I believe suits my skin as although it is fragile, I don't have a full white sensitive skin. I've chosen this one for a few reasons. First of all, Bioderma is a brand that I absolutely adore and it's the same brand as my everyday cleanser. Second of all, it is a dermatological laboratory that produces Bioderma products and therefore, they're really reliable in terms of skin products. Finally, although it is a sunscreen it does not prevent your skin to have a natural tan, it helps to have it. The problem with very high sunscreen is that they tend to completely ban sun rays to penetrate your skin and it takes you quite a long time before your have this delicious golden skin. Finally, the last product is a soothing mist. Light and fresh, it's perfect for a day after a long sun exposure. It will cool down your skin, especially if you've become red and will not prevent you from sleeping. It's like the water mist when it's too hot outside but for skin!

The last two products I have chosen are both from Nuxe. Nuxe is quite pricy, more than the dermatological products but I absolutely love what they do. It's natural and pharmaceutical so totally reliable. The oil is a skin oil to hydrate your skin, face and hair and make them even more gorgeous. I have the classic one for an everyday skin hydration use but since last year, I buy the gold one during summer. Why? Simply because your skin is so beautiful when you use it. It's like you've taken a gold bath. Your skin is hydrated but golden and sparkly at the same time. Besides, the smell is so good there are no comparison! The cream I have picked up from the brand is after sun lotion, hydrating your skin whilst prolonging the tan. It will repair and sooth the skin that has been aggressed by the sun rays. I tend to use this one as my summer body hydration skin, applying it twice a day: morning and evening after the shower. 

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