Sunday, 24 August 2014

classic quilted flats

First of, I have to apologise to you all for my absence lately. A lot has been going on, especially my departure to Australia for a whole year, which I will catch up on this very blog. Things to pack, settlement, start of class, new job.. All of these made me put the blog aside for a little while but no worries because I'm finally back! I'd like to catch up on those gorgeous flat that I got couple of months ago but still haven't got the chance to write about yet...

As you might all know, I'm a huge fan of Chanel. But mostly, I am a huge fan of their ballet flats. My first pair was the beige one (see above) and I totally fell in love not only with the design but mostly with the comfort they provide my feet. Thus I decide to treat myself with the quilted ones. They are THE classic pair and of course, no woman could go along with a pair of genuine black flats, right? Besides, the inside reminds me so much of the classic bag it's just so pretty! The beige ones are lambskin and thus more fragile and the colour lighter so obviously easier to scratch or getting dirty. However, if you take care of your shoes they'll stay in good shape. I've had mine for a whole year and this is how they look like... The only thing is the lambskin size would be smaller than the calfskin like the black pair. I'm 37 in lambskin (and most of the time) but 37.5 in calfskin. So the black are calfskin, hence more resistant but yet fragile as the quilt can squish at the back. But again, if you take care of your shoes and store them thoughtfully they will last for a lifetime! These are the kind of shoes you want to be wearing in ten years time. Classic and versatile, the price and its quality doesn't give me the pleasure to throw them after 2 years. It's because I can rely on the lasting time of the quality that I'm willing to pay as much for shoes. 

Indicating price: 450€ for the beige (2013) and 485€ for the black (2014)

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  1. These are really pretty flats. Love your blog too!