Tuesday, 26 August 2014

february 1955: an icon is born

For my 20th birthday, as you might know if you follow me on instagram (@miy_u) I had the gratitude to get my forever dreamt bag: the classic jumbo double flap bag or the 2.55 in jumbo size. I would never have thought I would own this bag so early but prices go up so quickly this was a real opportunity to celebrate an entry into a new decade. Although I couldn't afford the full leather version, I found the perfect alternative that suits me better and goes pretty well with most my outfit: the jersey version. In addition, as the majority of people have the caviar or lambskin version I thought the jersey would definitely be original as it is not a permanent material in which this bag comes in. Besides, the inside is EXACTLY like the leather jumbo and is actually layered in leather so all of the inside has the beauty of a leather bag as you can see on the last picture, just above. 

Why do I love this bag so much? Well, even if most people might just buy because it's trendy or because all upper class people own it, for me it's a completely different story. I've been wanting this bag for ages because it is the icon of my favourite designer. But above all, it is my favourite bag as of its design. I'm a total fan of the CC lock to begin with. Then, what I love the most about this bag is what's inside the double flap: the embossed authentic CC, the stamp and above all the pockets. I think that the two pockets and especially the lipstick holder in the middle is such a genius and feminine idea reflecting the woman personality of Coco Chanel herself. I don't know any other brands which have thought of this concept. Then, I love the quilting and the multi pockets. The big flap at the front is so useful and very practical. The Mona Lisa pocket at the back is hidden but yet useful and has its feminine side - add to it the name that is so romantic and arty. Last but not least, I love the classic iconic quilting - the symbol of the house and the chain, another signature of Chanel. Although I only wear the jumbo on my shoulder, I like the principle that for smaller sizes, you can adjust the chain. And finally, the history of the bag fascinates me. It is such a beautiful story I feel that my bag has a long life history whilst being new and ready to start my story. 

I was really lucky as it was the last one in stock. I really hesitated between the M/L and the jumbo but ended up with the jumbo as I want to use it as day bag rather than evening so I need to put more stuff in it, although I think the smaller size is somehow more delicate. As of the price it is 2500€ for a jersey/leather bag. Definitely pricey but still 1000€ less than the leather jumbo. It's a good alternative in which it is worth investing as price rise up to twice a year. 

Any thoughts on the model? I have also uploaded a video on my YT Channel (MiyuVideo)

PS: the bag comes with a history booklet and the magnetic box as well as the beautiful dust bag is to die for! 

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