Saturday, 20 September 2014

phone on the go

1. Flight booked for a trip on the East Coast: sunshine looking
2. Best sandwich on campus: chicken, spinach, lemon grass and sundered tomatoes 
3. My first tattoo ever from Bondi Ink
4. New swim suit from Billabong... How cute are they? 

1. Dior makeup for the evening, fall and VFNO collection
2. Berry bliss smoothie on campus 
3. Finding the best spots in Sydney
4. Custom-made Magnum ice cream

1. Favourite Japanese sweets
2. Natural pearl earrings from Northern Australia (I love local products, it's more authentic!)
3. Bridge climb!!
4. Morning ritual.. Cappuccino with caramel syrup

Friday, 19 September 2014

chilly aussie winter

As you may know, Australia has just entered spring a couple of weeks ago. Although the sun rays finally came through, morning and evening are rather chilly. And since I'm European, September for me feels more like fall, meaning wearing burgundy, browns and greys. I went to Acne Studios and although I already have a burgundy Canada scarf, those scarf are so warm and so comfy I definitely wanted a grey one in my wardrobe. So here it is, 100% lambswool Canada scarf in grey melange. A total warm up and chic accessory for fall or chilly spring! 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

first céline purchase

I've been wanting Céline sunnies for quite a long time but unfortunately none of the model really fit me. As you know the popular Céline sunnies are often thick and very hard to match any face. You really need a thin and long face I believe. But then, I found those. So before any other purchase - although I was considering a bag - I fell in love for the above delicate and subtle sunglasses. I really like the fact that they are different from most Céline sunnies. Some may argue that it lost its Célineness but I don't mind since they fit me very well. I really enjoy the fact that they are rounded and thin at the same time. 
The product comes with a nice velvet pouch with a dust cleaner in it. One word: I love them more than my Miu Miu's. I'm ready for my trip on the Australian east coast!
Price: $410

Monday, 8 September 2014

fashion snaps by bardot

A few photos taken by Bardot on the VFNO. First time I really pose for someone else but it was real fun. I really love how my complexion looks like with the Perfection Lumière Velvet and I totally fell in love with this new jacket, recently purchase. My clutch is an all time favourite and I always take it with me for a night out or dinner. As to my hair, I barely brushed them, haha!

Jacket - TopShop
Jeans - TopShop
Top - TopShop
Clutch - Louis Vuitton F/W12
Earrings - Chanel 
Bangle - Louis Vuitton
Watch - Rolex (Lady Date Just)
Makeup - everything Chanel from foundation to lips 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

VFNO: sydney edition

Last Thursday (4.9.14) was Sydney's Vogue Fashion Night Out. Firstly, I have to tell you how frustrated I was not to be in Paris. This year, Chanel Beauty sent me an invitation to participate to the exclusive Paris' VFNO, only open for a few people as the store will not let you in if you don't have the invitation. Besides the exclusivity, Parisian nights are always amazing. I've attended it only once and it was nothing to be compared about: free food, champagne, polaroids at LV, etc. 

Sydney night one the other hand, was opened to everyone. Less formal, with genuine events. No food or champagne but some nice treats at several stores. 

My highlight of the night was probably at the Dior counter where I had the chance to be pampered with a gorgeous manicure. Massai, a deep burgundy, is one of the new colour for this autumn (Europe wise) collection. Reflects was released for the night only! It's a VFNO special and the receipt said "Vogue Fashion Night Out Color". It's basically a gold top coat, rather than a lacquer. It's beautify amongst ANY colour. To be applied on one or all the nails if you really like shimmers. Chanel also released a nail polish for the night, called Sweet Star. Although I'm a big fan of Chanel, the colour didn't really catch me. 

Waiting for the fashion show at David Jones. We mostly saw models wearing the Vogue tshirt (retailed at $90). I don't want to be rude or anything but in Paris you can buy the tshirt for 25€ or have it with the magazine for and extra 10€ so I was really shocked of the price for a simple cotton shirt... Besides, I wasn't thrilled so much about the show but it was great fun! The best part of the night was the photo booths and pop up stores such as H&M and Essie. 

I really wish I could be home and talk to you about the Paris' night coming on the 16th but unfortunately you'll have to wait (and so do I) until next year...!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

last week on my phone

1. Pressed Juices are fresh and raw juices, healthy and delicious!
2. Colour Run in Sydney 
3. New Acne scarf (more to come)
4. Lunching by the bay at the Opera Kitchen 

Enjoying Australian wine on a sunny day 

1. Ferry to Watson's Bay 
2. Outfit for this sunny last day of winter 
3. My new Céline sunnies (an article to come)
4. Best pressed apple juice I've ever tried 

Feeling like summer upon the cliff (The Gap) in Watson's Bay, with a view of the City

And Sunday we finished our day doing some personal shopping at TopShop and trying on clothes in large gorgeous suites... The day couldn't have been better !

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

chanel : états poétiques

The new Chanel collection for this fall (at least in Europe) has something to please everyone. For the past couple of years, this is my favourite fall collection of all time. The colours correspond me so well, I absolutely fell in love with it the first time I saw the advertisement. To begin with, I have picked up three items:
- Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 96 Aura
- Le Vernis 631 Orage
- Ombre Essentielle 106 Hesitation

What I love about this collection is the range of dramatic dark colours to create a very powerful look, inspired by plum and blueberry purples. This is to me, the best shades for fall. Although most shades are dark, especially what I have bought, they did release 2 pop single shadows: a bright yellow and pink which is great to contrast with shimmery and darker shades. 

For the lipstick, although it is from the Rouge Coco Shine range, which is more like a hydrating balm rather than a colouring lipstick, the colour is intense. It is not too dark or too light but has the right intensity. I think it goes well with brown hair and eyes but it does fit any look, to my mind. The nail polish is rather rare for Chanel. This fall they opted for 2 light colours and one really dark. Orage is a beautiful charcoal grey with blue and shimmery undertones. It does look quite black but without being totally black and this is why I love it. Alexa Chung did create a similar colour for her range and is wearing it. Dark nails are THE key for this year's fall season. Finally, the single shadow is all what I have been looking for. A subtle shimmery burgundy, aka my favourite kind of colour. I love the formula and the fact that it has shimmers. It is great combined with a dark matte shade (112 Pulsion from this collection, for instance). However, the bright pink shade (108 Exhaltation) did catch my eye and I'm really tempted to get it and mix it with Hesitation

Overall, this collection is absolutely fabulous and I'm in love with it. I completely prefer it over the 5 Couleurs Collection by Dior, although their deep red 997 Pied-de-Poule Rouge Couture lipstick is on my list. If you haven't had a look at the collection yet, you're missing a lot!

Monday, 1 September 2014

first month down under : phone snaps

1. Royal Botanical Garden
2. Winter in Sydney 
3. Darling Harbour
4. Sunset in Bondi

 Blue Mountains National Park

1. & 2. Sunset in Bondi & Bondi Icebergs 
3. Fog in the Blue Mountains
4. Interacting with kangaroos 

Meeting whales at Port Stephens

1. Cutest animal: Koala at Featherdale Wildlife Park
2. The national juice (so addictive)
3. The harbour by night
4. Getting new marinières 

 Brining my Jumbo into the city!

The way I decorated my room to feel closer to home...