Tuesday, 2 September 2014

chanel : états poétiques

The new Chanel collection for this fall (at least in Europe) has something to please everyone. For the past couple of years, this is my favourite fall collection of all time. The colours correspond me so well, I absolutely fell in love with it the first time I saw the advertisement. To begin with, I have picked up three items:
- Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 96 Aura
- Le Vernis 631 Orage
- Ombre Essentielle 106 Hesitation

What I love about this collection is the range of dramatic dark colours to create a very powerful look, inspired by plum and blueberry purples. This is to me, the best shades for fall. Although most shades are dark, especially what I have bought, they did release 2 pop single shadows: a bright yellow and pink which is great to contrast with shimmery and darker shades. 

For the lipstick, although it is from the Rouge Coco Shine range, which is more like a hydrating balm rather than a colouring lipstick, the colour is intense. It is not too dark or too light but has the right intensity. I think it goes well with brown hair and eyes but it does fit any look, to my mind. The nail polish is rather rare for Chanel. This fall they opted for 2 light colours and one really dark. Orage is a beautiful charcoal grey with blue and shimmery undertones. It does look quite black but without being totally black and this is why I love it. Alexa Chung did create a similar colour for her range and is wearing it. Dark nails are THE key for this year's fall season. Finally, the single shadow is all what I have been looking for. A subtle shimmery burgundy, aka my favourite kind of colour. I love the formula and the fact that it has shimmers. It is great combined with a dark matte shade (112 Pulsion from this collection, for instance). However, the bright pink shade (108 Exhaltation) did catch my eye and I'm really tempted to get it and mix it with Hesitation

Overall, this collection is absolutely fabulous and I'm in love with it. I completely prefer it over the 5 Couleurs Collection by Dior, although their deep red 997 Pied-de-Poule Rouge Couture lipstick is on my list. If you haven't had a look at the collection yet, you're missing a lot!

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