Wednesday, 19 November 2014

céline trio : what's in my bag?

Recently, I''ve been tagged on instagram (follow me @miy_u) by @asianalyssa / (go follow her she's amazing!) to do a what's in my bag photo and I thought I should share it with you so you have an idea of what you can fit in this tiny but very handy little bag. 

What I will always carry on a daily basis are up in the photo but let me get into more details. First of all, I always have my lovely Chanel card holder that I bought in London last year. I keep my train tickets, my student ID and my home electronic key plus all the loyalty card in the middle compartment. This item is essential and fits the bag perfectly. Then, I always have my coin purse. My Trio is the small size so I can't really carry a full size wallet. In my coin purse, I mainly have coins (obviously) and my credit cards plus other useless cards. I don't really need anything else to be honest. I also always carry with me my passport holder from Louis Vuitton. Classic, it is also my life. I have in it my passport and French ID (not the size of a credit card so this holder is a gem), voting card, blood type card, etc. If I go without this thing, I'm basically IDless. What other thing should also always be in a woman's bag? Lipstick. My daily lipstick is Rouge Coco Orchidée 17, a beautiful raspberry red. My favourite of all times. But recently I'm wearing one of the new ones, Rouge Allure Volage 227, a discreet nude. After all this, because I currently live in Sydney, the weather is getting HOT and sunny so I'm carrying my Céline sunnies at all times. Almost finally, I always have my gorgeous Rolex, Lady Date Just. This timeless classic watch will follow me arounds for years. I love it so much it's hard to removed it from my wrist but on the go, it ends up in my bag (in its pouch of course!). Last but not least... iPhone 6! It may be sad to say this but I could never go out without my phone. From taking photos to keeping in touch with my friends, this beauty never quits me.  

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