Tuesday, 18 November 2014

céline trio

So a few weeks ago, I made the decision to get my hand on this gorgeous bag. Being down under in Australia is always a challenge to find French designers' bags and at a reasonable prices. As a French citizen, I thought I should wait until I go home so I can have a larger choice and cheapest price. However, although this might be the case for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Céline itself, this bag was reasonable: $1,149, which is close to its euro price. Plus, take 10% off detax! Anyways, the whole point is I can't believe they had the black which is always sold out... 

Because I'm a short and quite tiny person (1,62cm only), I decided that I should get the small size. Although really simple, this bag has everything for itself. The lambskin is gorgeous and subtle and the three pouches helps you organising your stuff. It holds SO MUCH. Even in the small model, you can just fit anything. I don't like overloading my bags however, and especially this one because the leather is quite fragile. I have seen a lot of Trios having their straps dying and honestly, I don't want mines to be ripped off the bag. This is my only worry at the moment so I take the strict minimum I need, which is great because when I carry bigger bags (ie. Neverfull, Speedy or Saffiano Lux Tote) I tend to overfill them and they are so heavy. The only big bag I never overfill is my Jumbo for similar reasons - I care about it so much, I treat it like crystal!

Back to Céline, the delicateness of the lambskin often worries people but so far I've been carrying my bag everyday and it has no scratches yet. Regarding the inner material, it is made of wool. A bit disappointed that it is not leather or suede but I guess for it fairly low price we couldn't ask for more! I also highly appreciate the gold hardware. Black and gold is an all time classic and will never be out of date. So chic. 

Overall, I would say it's a gorgeous bag reflecting modernity and simplicity of women nowadays. It will still catch your eyes no matter how simple and straightforward it is. It fits and goes well with everything. Also, since mine is black I think you can never go wrong with it. On a personal note, I find this bag perfect for everyday life and maybe too casual for nights out, despite its small size. So for me, it's what I need for daytime, which I think the bag was designed for: practical and go around everyday shoulder bag (I don't really like wearing it cross body). 

PS: I'm thinking about getting a Chanel Boy WOC or YSL Cabas Y; any preferences? 

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