Thursday, 13 November 2014

chanel "plumes précieuses" : the nudes

As you probably have all noticed, Chanel's Holiday 2014 has been out for a couple of weeks! Everyone was so keen about this exciting collection and especially the highlighter, "Camélia de Plumes". I have to say that although I tried to be quick, the products sold out really fast. I couldn't get my hands on the highlighter or the eyeshadow palette "Oiseaux de Nuit" but I've had the opportunity to try most of the collection. 

First of all, the eyeshadow palette has nothing "wow" or really extraordinary. I personally prefer last year's. This year's palette looks nice in terms of shade but once tried on, I was fairly disappointed. Personally, the colours didn't look that nice on my skin and I found them rather too metallic as well. However, if you blend it well you can build a nice smokey eye. This is the reason why I'm planning to get it once I'm back in France because I don't own any great smokey eye palette. In terms of originality though, that palette isn't so great and it's a shame that they didn't add the quilting pattern as well. 

As for my picks, I chose the favourite items that first caught my eye. I had to run from one store to another since they were sold out everywhere as well. But luckily, got my hands on the last lipstick "Volage" and last blush "Caresse". I don't own anything really nude. To begin with, I love red or dark red lips. If not strong, I like them to be at least raspberry colour. I was looking for something wearable everyday, just like a lip balm but with a little more pigment so I can wear it at work. Despite me being a huge collector, this colour was perfect. It has beautiful shimmers in it and highlights your lips just as it should. It is however very nude but that's exactly what I wanted. 

For the blush, I first owned "Rose Pétale" and never wore it because it was too pinky for me. Then I realised that brown and coral tones suit my skin better. I gave it a try with "Jersey" and literally fell in love. Yet discreet, it reveals my cheekbones and gives my complexion a great boost. When I saw "Caresse" I thought, this is what I need in conjunction with "Jersey" and I was right. Way more discreet, "Caresse" is more about adding light and shimmers to your skin. Perfect for everyday or summer wear. It makes you skin look so much better in such a flawless way. What I like mostly about the nudes item in this collection is the flawlessness that it gives to your look.  

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