Friday, 7 November 2014

iPhone 6

Hi everyone! I couldn't be more excited than find a free time to blog a little bit again. My work is keeping really busy but I enjoy it a lot so I try to commit as much as I can, and then I get rewarded with a pretty good salary that enables keep my "high end" posts up to date :)

So to start the day with I couldn't be more excited than presenting all of you the new iPhone 6! It was sold out for ages here in Australia and it was really hard for me to get my hands on the 128GB gold model since everyone seemed to want the gold... But here it is, finally! The first great thing about it is that I have so much space now, I can take as many photos as I want without worrying or videos and even add more music. 

The model is way thinner than 5s, I still adore the touch ID and basically the feeling is awesome. I will soon post a few iPhone snaps as I really like to do lately because it accurately reflects my everyday life and you'll that the quality is pretty good. I'm a huge Apple fan running with iPhone since the 3GS (I've had and tested all the models ever released since), MacBook and now I plan to get my first iPad which would probably be the Air 2, in gold of course! 

If you have tested the new iPhone/iPad let me know your thoughts about it. 

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  1. I just bought the iPhone 6 in gold and I love it! Do you have a case for yours? I've been debating on weather or not I want to buy one. I really don't want to cover up its beautiful back though!