Friday, 12 December 2014

chanel ballet flats 15C

Folies folies! After 5 months away from Parisian shopping, I have to finally keep up to date my closet and of well, let's spend my salary as it's the Christmas season. This time I'm introducing you a gorgeous pearly gold colour from Cruise 2015 (or 15C). As you have guessed, these are ballet flats (again). I am so in love with ballet flats from Chanel, I couldn't not get these. They are made of caviar leather or granulated calfskin. It is actually my first Chanel pair that is in "caviar". I have another pair in calfskin but the leather is smooth and has a lambskin looking. A few weeks ago I found a perfect pair of nacre smooth flats in the Sydney store but it was obviously way too expensive compared to the price here in Paris. Besides, these are matching something that I will post around the 25th ;)

Overall, as usual, nothing to say. The flats are so comfy it's even better than a pair of Tod's I believe. They are gorgeous and work for both day and night. The Cruise collection this year has really taken my heart, as always I should say. I can't wait to wear them if either the weather here warms up or when I'll be back in Australia. The best: they look so nice with anything white (I love white shorts and dress). Price is €490 as opposed to AU$880. 

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