Monday, 8 December 2014

chanel croisière 2015 espadrilles

After 2 years of missing these beauties, this year I decided to be right on time. Always sold out, I however managed to get my hands on the so popular Chanel espadrilles. Thanks to my mom who was in Paris whilst I was in Sydney, where they didn't receive the models yet. I love the canvas one but price and quality wise, I thought leather should be better. I do not like the leather models in general, but this year they release a Suede leather model, in tons of different colours. I picked up the coral, as you can all imagine! I'm such a coral lover, I think it's the perfect match for spring summer with nice coral lips (try Rouge Coco Sari Doré or Rouge Allure Velvet La Favorite). Besides, my WOC is from C14 and the same tones as well. Overall, they are stunning, beautiful and so comfy. You almost don't want to wear them! As of today, I think they all sold out already since my mom got them about a couple of weeks ago and it was the last pair in 37. I can't wait them in January, when I'll be back in warm Sydney !!! 

On a side note, I absolutely love the Christmas packaging this year. I like that they used a snowflake in contract to a camellia, although last year's black and gold camellias were gorgeous as well. 

Price: 430€ for the Suede model, as of December 2014. The canvas model was retailed for 390€. 


  1. OMG so nice, I am wanting them so bad! they are apprently sold out and the store in Vienna don't know when they will be back! How do you find them so far?

    1. Hi Iman :)
      They are awesome and always sold out everywhere!! I had to wait 2 years to finally get my hands on them. Even so, I had to ask my parents to be in the boutique on the first week of the Cruise collection release. If you can get your hands on them, definitely do so! They are the best shoes I've ever owned alongside with the espadrilles :)

      Miyuki xx