Tuesday, 9 December 2014

chanel "plumes précieuses" : the must

After having purchased a fez items from the Plumes Précieuses collection, I have finally got my hands on the prettiest items of the collection, back at home in Paris. The so popular and all over the world sell-out highlighter (Camélia de Plumes) is an absolute must and awesome piece to collect. I was so lucky to get one of the last here in France and I absolutely have no regrets, despite the price. The colour appears as silver but it is so much more delicate and subtle on the skin. You notice the difference and it highlights your face amazingly but it is not "too much" at all. It is perfect for all year (because it is discreet and easy to wear) but especially for this period of the year. 

The eye palette (Oiseaux de Nuits) is also really gorgeous. The lavender and purple shades appear more as greys but they create the perfect smooth smokey eye. By changing the variation, you can create a lighter and/or stronger smokey eye, just as you wish. I like to first put a layer of gold, then the icy lavender shade and to then; blend with the darker grey and add a very little touch of black. For nights, I would add a touch of white into the corner of my eyes and a bit on the brow bone as well. 

Overall, this collection is gorgeous and I have purchased all items except the red lipstick and the nail polish. Although pricy, I would recommend a few items. If you have smokey eye palettes and are not a collection person, the eye palette isn't necessary. However, the highlighter and the blush (see previous article: http://smileinthebrightstyle.blogspot.com.au/2014/11/chanel-plumes-precieuses-nudes.html) is a must for me. Then add the perfect nude lipstick: Volage

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