Thursday, 25 December 2014

merry christmas from paris !

A happy and lovely Christmas to all of you and your loved ones! I've been in Paris for about 3 weeks and the ambiance here is crazy about holidays, compared to Sydney. Lights and trees followed by a mild cold, I forgot how nice Christmas in Europe was. Although I don't really like cold that much, I'm happy to enjoy this Christmas spirit surrounded by family and boyfriend, whom I was apart for a semester. This year, the Printemps windows were decorated by Burberry and I totally loved it! It represented a journey from London to Paris so windows were themed and inspired by both cities. London being my favourite city in Europe alongside with Stockholm, I well admired the windows lurking. As you can see, it was well crowded around the upside down Christmas tree at the Galeries Lafayette too. But I have enjoyed my champagne and coffee at Chanel whilst purchasing my Christmas gift!

More will come soon and I will be posting some of my favourite places and tips in Paris. I'll do the same for when I go back to Sydney. I really want to focus this blog on travel and lifestyle on top of fashion. Because I travel a lot, I want to share with all of you the places I get the chance to explore. 

Happy Christmas again!!! 



  1. I´m missing Paris so much, looks really great!
    Kisses from Germany, Franzi :)

    1. Thanks Franzi :)
      Paris is such a nice city! But I would love to visit Germany some day too!
      I hope you had a lovely Christmas,