Monday, 4 May 2015

chanel croisière 2015: mini flap bag

Hello folks! Away from travel and cooking for today, I wanted to review this little gorgeous bag ever since I got back from Paris - Yes, a long time ago! This was my Christmas gift, matching my ballet flats from the same season and I have been babying this lady for a while. First, I love Chanel flaps (you must have noticed that). There is something about the quilting and CC lock that just takes me. Second, I love small bags. They are so useful and practical. This one, especially this gorgeous and insolite colour was a must for me to have. 

As you can see it is in pebbled calf skin (caviar leather) so it will age better and hold longer, less care. For smaller bags I like the caviar leather because I carry these everywhere and anywhere so I don't want to be worried every 2 seconds although I always take care of my bags. The reason I love and enjoy bags so much (more than shoes) is because I believe they make the whole outfit. A nice and original bag will boost an outfit, but who really care about a $3000 sweater if it does not make the difference? So this is my philosophy. 

For someone who is not usually a fond of gold hardware (I believe silver suits me better, especially because of the jewellery I'm wearing) this one was absolutely gorgeous. I didn't feel the gold too strong and with the gold leather gold hardware is better anyway. As per its lightness and shiny colour I found it suiting my hair really well and since I got darker now, it's even better. It's the perfect item for Spring and Summer, although Australia is in Fall at the moment. Although its tiny size (length of 17cm approximately), it holds so much. As you can see, the width is quite deep and the inside is roomy. If you put all your card essentials (if you have a cardholder it's better!) in that back flap pocket, you have plenty of room for your phone and some cash, should you want to. I just carry cards, ID and credit cards and it fits perfectly. Honestly, what else do you need? Oh yes, lipstick. And it does fit in ;) You can even add a little mini hand sanitiser if you are like I am. 

I would recommend ANY flap bags to all Chanel lovers. Especially the minis. I love them more than the WOC because although less practical, the charm of the classic CC lock can never be outweighed. You will go with it forever. Besides, remember that the smaller the size, the more affordable the price. This one was retailed for 1 650€ as of December 2014 in Paris. 

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