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chanel: collection méditerranée & hydra beauty micro sérum

In between travel posts, let's talk a little bit about beauty. After having this blog for two years it is kind of obvious that my favourite make up brand was, is and will be Chanel. They have recently released the Autumn collection (Les Automnales). I love this collection not because of the colours they feature (especially the special Entre Lacs palette) but because of poetic names they have given to all the products, on the theme of forest, and mother nature in autumn overall. I just fell in love, meaning their marketing strategy is absolutely fantastic! However, I have never reviewed the summer collection just yet (Méditerranée), which is a total shame since I liked that collection, especially from the re-release of the Stylo Eyeshadow.

They first came in Summer 2013 and I have reviewed them here:

For the record, it has been two years since I bought these items and I still use them, they are in perfect shape. Anyways, after 9 weeks of using the summer products as well as the Micro Serum (permanent collection) I would like to give you my personal opinion over the 9 weeks use.

Bronzer (illuminating powder): Lumière d'Été 
I never really buy bronzers as I have always feared to look too 'orange' and lack of flawlessness. However, this one was a must. To start with, the packaging is amazing (like always) and the texture is very surprising. When you try it with your fingers, the texture is really dry, which can unfortunately be a turn off. Once you try it on your skin though, it all goes so fluidly. It applies an stays perfectly. This is why I always recommend to try on first and not judge on the first impression. It does not have shimmers and I believe it is the perfect bronzer for any season. I personally like to use it as a blush, on my cheek bones only. The price was set as A$90 if I recall.

Lipstick: Rouge Coco Shine 'Insoumise' 507 
I have always been a huge fan of Rouge Coco but lately I have fallen in love with Rouge Coco Shine. Subtle, it has the intensity of a lipstick without all the flaws. It is wearable everyday, and easy to reapply. I use it as a lip balm to be honest. Insoumise is a deep coral that definitely applies for summer spirit. I was release in Autumn in Australia, but I couldn't careless with the amount of sunshine we get. I love it. A$50

Stylo Eyeshadow: 'Caroube' 147
As previously said, this a formula that I adore ever since it came out in summer 2013. I did not go crazy on the colours this year and preferred a discreet maroon. More like an autumn colour to me, I believe it goes along all season. Although I like peachy colours or very neutral (sometimes no eyeshadow) for summer, I think this bronze brown suits everyone at any time of the year. Straight from the bullet or with your fingers, there is no difficulty to apply this gem. Not a must, but a high recommendation if you like the formula better than a powder eyeshadow. A$46

Le Vernis: Terrana '697'
Chanel Le Vernis is such a good formula that I rarely switch brands. I have to admit Dior has a better brush but I am still biased towards Chanel. Terrana is a golden bronzy brown, similar to the Stylo Eyeshadow - which is the main reason why I got this one. I love dark colours but I also wanted to match both products. I would rather wear this in autumn again, but may look good on dark and tanned summer skin. A$39

Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum
This product is a hell of an investment (pardon my French) as it cost A$120 per bottle. However, although I was sceptical into getting it I do not regret it at all. It's the best skin product you could offer your face. After 9 weeks of using it every morning (only a few drops, once a day before your moisturiser) I find that my skin has changed so much. It is more hydrated, it has less blemishes and redness and it's just softer overall. I would definitely buy another once it runs out. In 9 weeks I have just used half of the bottle. If you care about your skin, I would definitely invest into this gem. I'm slowly moving into this Hydra Beauty range and about to start using the Hydra Beauty Gel Crème moisturiser (currently using a non-fragrance brand called Qiriness, which is a spa brand) and the Hydra Beauty Eye Cream. Besides - the whole range smells divine!

PS: All these products are still available to purchase on Chanel US & France websites (stock limits apply). 

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