Tuesday, 11 August 2015

chanel: les automnales 2015

Awaited by a lot of people – the Chanel Fall Collection is out! It has been since a while but I have heard that it wasn’t release yet in France, which I find very odd. I am not physically there at the moment so cannot check myself but at least I got some of my favourite products from Les Automnales (literally: the autumnals) collection. All I like about it is the names (erable or maple, chataigne or chestnut, pomme de pin or pine cone, etc.) and the marketing strategy for the whole campaign. Poetic names reflecting the autumn season – it’s almost like you’re walking through a forest when reading the products descriptions. The photos and colours chosen are also very strategic and smart. Dark browns, bronze, dark greens…. You literally are sitting in a forest in mid-autumn.

My picks were carefully chosen too. I do love collecting but I did stop buying things I won’t use more than once but I am more than happy of what I have bought and use so far.

The palette: Entre Lacs (translation: between lakes)

My favourite of all 5 colours Chanel palette that I own. Very simple, nude and fair but so delicate and elegant. Suitable for everyday use, as well as night time use. The colours blend together magically and I mean, what can you do with a browny and bronzy palette? Everything. If I had to only pick one item, I would pick this one over and over again.

The eyes: Illusion d’Ombre ‘Rouge Gorge’ 116  (translation: robin)

I have to admit I wasted a lot of Illusion d’Ombre from the lack of use. However, Chanel have changed their formula and they are now absolutely divine. First of all, they are not round anymore but flat. This means that they won’t dry and fall out anymore. Second – the texture is way creamier! Easier to blend and long lasting. I’m in love. Rouge Gorge does appear as orange when you see it, but try it on your fingers and you’ll see that it’s actually a gentle coral that you can wear all day without looking like a clown!

The lips: Rouge Coco Shine ‘Téméraire’ 112 (translation: audacious)

As mentioned previously, Rouge Coco Shine has become one of my favourite Chanel lipsticks’ formula. This dark cherry red colour combine a vamp look with an elegant red lips. Definitely wearable during day time with light eyes, it’s also your perfect night red and easier to apply than a Rouge Allure Velvet red. If you had to pick one of the lip product, again I would choose this one hands down.

The cheeks: Joues Contraste Blush ‘Alezane’ 260

This pink golden brown is the better edition of Jersey with shimmers. My all-time favourite is Caresse, from the Christmas collection (a subtle coral with shimmers). This one is basically a darker, more dramatic look in the same spirit to reveal your autumn colours. I do love a little bit of shimmers on my cheeks and although I usually go for coral-orange tones rather than pink (because of my complexion colours), I find this one suits me perfectly well as well, due to its bronzy and golden tones. The first thing I noticed in this collection was actually the blush; I knew I had to get it!

I hope go and at least give some of these beautiful products a try. The collection is out now in Australia and US, and you can browse the US website here: http://www.chanel.com/en_US/fragrance-beauty/FALL-2015-COLLECTION-139814

Note that most products are limited edition!!

PS: You can expect a video on these with further swatches.       

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