Wednesday, 12 August 2015

simple & easy: avocado smash with goat's cheese

Ever wanted that delicious avocado smash you get at your favourite brunch place, but not having the courage to get up and go wherever that is? Then why not make it yourself? Cheap, fast, easy and delicious - you'll only need a few ingredients and there is no cooking involved! 

Ingredients (for two filled toasts):
- 1 perfectly ripe avocado 
- 1/3 of fresh plain goat's cheese 
- 1 seeded ciabatta roll
- lemon
- salt & pepper 
- tabasco (optional) 

Cut your avocado in half and get rid of the core. Use a spoon to take the meat and place it in a bowl. Cut 1/3 (more if you wish) of your goat's cheese in slices. Place in the same bowl. Season your bowl before you smash the ingredients with lemon, salt, pepper and tabasco if you would like your smash to be hot! I usually put a lot of pepper and tabasco in my guacamole so I like to do so when making a smash too. With your fork, smash everything until you can only see smalls bits and pieces. However, avoid making the whole thing liquid. 

I like to use ciabatta rolls or sourdough with seeds instead of plan boring 'toasts'. I believe it tastes better, and it's better for your body too! Cut your bread in half and toast it. Just when it's still warm, spread big chunks for your smash on the bread and... enjoy! 

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