Friday, 13 May 2016

chanel classic double flap review (chevron edition)

Dear all, I know this review has been awaited by some of you for a very long time, after some sneak peaks leaked on my instagram. I've dedicated this blog to lots of travel diaries and tips lately, but I cannot miss on the opportunity to share this new and lovely bag with you. Saved for a whole year of work when I was back in Sydney, I decided to splurge some of my savings on this bag I've been craving for the past five years.

The structure of the bag:
The bag is exactly made with similar shapes and features to the all-time-classic double flap: the external pouch (or mona lisa smile) is featured, as well as the secret compartment inside and the lipstick holder. There are still two pockets on the inside and of course, a double flap as you can see in the photo above. The only big different I shall say, is that the chevron edition is first, a limited edition but also, it does not feature the burgundy inside. I should admit it's a bit of a shame, since I absolutely adore that burgundy shade and find it easier to find little lost items in your bag. However, overall, the chevron pattern has convinced my heart and it was love at first sight. Note the embossed CC is also present on the inner flap in this bag as well. 

To be honest with all of you, when I said I had this classic flap in mind forever, I meant the quilted one. A few years ago, I got my hands on the jersey jumbo -a lot cheaper back then as I could not afford the leather version- and loved it although I find it way too big for my frame. I did try the medium quilted classic flap over and over again but was never truly convinced. I wanted it because it was such a classic piece, but something was not just right to be perfect. And when you invest in something like this it needs to be perfect. I finally realised what was 'wrong' when I came across this chevron classic: the quilted version was not right for my age. I felt older, looking like an old lady. This version is much more versatile, modern and young! It suits my personality and style so much better... it's the perfect one for me. However, note that I own an extra mini flap in quilted gold and that one is just right! Why? Probably the size makes it contemporary and does fit my style. 

The size: 
The medium classic is 25.5 x 16 x 7.5cm. Not I can fit the following without stuffing it too much or taking a risk to damage this beauty: a long Chanel classic wallet (flap), a cardholder, my iPhone 6s and a lipstick with earphones. So technically, you cannot fit too much but remember, it's not meant to be a cabas or a Neverfull, it's meant to be a concise day bag or evening bag so what I've mentioned above is more than enough as being my essentials- I never carry more than this to be honest, apart from sunglasses (but no make up pouch, etc.)

In comparison the jumbo is: 30 x 20 x 10cm. 

The leather: 
Caviar calfskin! The lambskin quilted looks so much softer and it existed in chevron as well... but I purchased this bag to use it, and get it out of my closet. In no world I was going to leave it behind closed doors and wanted to use it as a day bag so the more robust, the better. As you can all see, I have opted for the silver chain and thus, silver embossing inside the bag. 

I purchased this bag in the London flagship store, and it's made in France! The SA was a lovely man and he knew what I needed straight away. The staff at that shop is not usually super friendly and I was a bit badly welcomed at first but then he saved the day. 

The packaging: 
As all Chanel classic flaps, it comes in the same white dust bag- dedicated for this model only. I was also lucky to have it in a magnetic box. I find the paper box very cheap and not classy at all. This one is a lot more resistant and provide the perfect storage for your bag when not in use. Feel free to ask for a magnetic box if you are unsure! It also comes with a bag cleaning cloth and stuffing paper. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

planning a couple of days to helsinki

If you're planning to visit Helsinki for a short period, this post is for you! I visited the city in 48 hours last September and absolutely fell in love with it! People in Helsinki are friendly, transportation is great and it's by the water.. The epitome of the perfect Northern city. 

Visit the Finnish National Gallery 

This is the symbol of Helsinki, or else the gate to Northern land. I haven't personally been inside, but strolling around will already blow your mind. 

Helsinki Market Square

Whether you are craving souvenirs or looking for some local food, the Market Square is a place you can't miss on your Helsinki visit. It's opened Monday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm and on Sundays during summer from 10am to 5pm. You can easily walk down from the National Gallery to the Market Square and stroll around the waterfront!

Eat the best Finnish meatballs in town 

Ravintola TORI has been qualified to be one of the best restaurants offering delicious meatballs for 14 euros. I was absolutely bluffed by the quality of the food, yet so simple. If some of you dare, there are lots of Reindeer meat specialities all around the city. I did try some on the streets, and now that I am being vegetarian, I'm glad I tried it before! It does not taste bad at all and to be honest, it's part of the adventure. 

Visit the beautiful historic island of Suomenlinna

I was about to do the river cruise, priced at 20 euros+ when I saw a local ferry with its destination to this mysterious island. I thought it would still take me on a cruise, and at least I'll be able to discover something different, perhaps less touristy. The ferry will take you there is about 20 minutes for 5 euros return and the place is stunning! I was so lucky with the weather and could have stayed longer but the day started to darken. Ideally, go there on a beautiful day and have a picnic on the hills. It's a true bliss and real getaway; not that Helsinki is hustle and bustle hub. 

Couple of days may be short but this city should definitely be on your next bucket list. I'll be back myself for sure, and can't wait to discover the rest of Finland as well. 

Hyvää matkaa!