Friday, 2 December 2016

chanel leather espadrilles

Espadrilles are the icon of summer and the stereotype of casual comfyness! In other words, they are my favourite kind of shoes. On this side of the world, summer is finally here and I could not wait to take them out again. As an espadrilles fan, and especially a Chanel fan, I own all sorts of pair ranging from canvas to suede or even tweed. However, I haven't owned the most classic pair on the market: the beige and black leather espadrilles. Sticking with my personality I usually tend to go special editions, limited collection or exclusive pieces that are original and rarely found on others. I don't necessarily enjoy having what others have. A big difference for this pair though, that has been and can be seen anywhere. I absolutely love the design of beige and black, typical Chanel. But overall, I like that it is a different material from what I already own and easy to wear with anything in any season! Yes, you heard me. Any season unless it rains as it could damage the sole.  

Chanel shoes are usually true to size but espadrilles can be tight. I always buy 37, although it is very hard for me to put my feet in. The reason is, when I tried the 38 it was too big and they DO stretch over time and use. They stretch to the point that my first pair is a little too large now and I have purchased it in 2014. If width is your problem, stick to your size and they will expand. If length is an issue then perhaps go one size up as they don't propose half sizes. 

A lot of you have asked me whether the Chanel espadrilles are comfortable. As mentioned above, they ARE painful at the beginning until you break them. They feel tight and you won't be able to wear them all day long. If you wear them home and one day out of two, they should be broken in a couple of weeks. Once they are broken they are the most comfortable shoes ever!! Even Chanel ballerinas aren't this comfortable. I still feel my feet swollen under the heat and the pain is very strong at the end of the day for ballerinas I've had since 2013. The reason is also that ballerinas have a heel whereas espadrilles are flat and as comfy as sneakers. 

Obviously, the price tag is high and in France you would get a pair of espadrilles for 7 euros. If you like the brand, the quality and originality whilst being able to invest in it, then I must say it's a MUST HAVE for your classy summers. At least one pair. If you struggle or are afraid of being able to pair them, go for the leather and classic beige/black. They're so sleek and wearable with anything! Overall: recommend if you have patience to break them and the money. 

They retail for 520 euros in Paris and $870 in Australia, although the choice is very very limited here - all my special ones were purchased in Paris and review is about to come as well. 

These are the Tweed models from FW2016.

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